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Savaneta Beach

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Saveneta Beach is a good sunning beach far from the crowds of the hotel area further North. Snorkeling is good in the shallows, and with a bit of a kick-out, the diver will be rewarded with a nice shelf to explore.

Directions: 4.4 km South of the Southern 1A 4A intersection, turn West toward the beach. Follow the road for a few hundred meters until you see the entrance below.


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04/22/2011 Mark J (Avg: 4.52 Review) - Don't use the entry shown in the aerial photograph, but drive all the way to the end of the parking area (by the pedestrian bridge over the pipes). There is a nice sandy entry area by the mangroves. It is a bit shallow but it is deep enough to swim around the patch of seagrass to the two boat mooring poles. Work your way towards the southwest (away from the main channel) until you are on the other side of the break water near the drop-off. We swam towards the main channel then back. One of the better reefs in Aruba Many varieties of coral, sponges , seafans. Nary an urchin to bother you on your way in or out.

08/28/2009 Anonymous (Avg: 2.28 Review) - A lot of coral looks dead, including big elkhorn fields, probably due to 2008 TS Omar. Also saw a large dead sea fan ripped from its base. Remember the way you came in or you will be faced with a field of sea urchins.

09/06/2007 Ken Henault (Avg: 4.24 Review) - Nice entry except it's too shallow to swim and too rough to walk for the first 20 - 30 yards. The reef was phenomenal, one of my best dives in Aruba. Make sure you bring your snorkel. It's a couple of hundred yards to the drop off, and there's plenty to see as you snorkel out. The wall is steep and heavily covered in Corals and sponges. Lots of fish swimming around to. This is the one dive I have to do again when I go back to Aruba.

11/06/2001 Anonymous (Avg: 3.46 Review) - I just dove this site in Oct of 2001. If looking at the Arial picture, we entered the water to the left of the last little clump of trees on the left. There was a little boat tucked into the trees at that clump. A long snorkel in and out will save air, but can get tiring if it is choppy. The coral formations along the top of the wall are incredible and in about 20 feet of water so still plenty visible if snorkeling. The depth begins to drop to well over 200' so plan accordingly. Best bet is to check the current when you get to the edge and start your dive into it. Have fun.


Site Photos

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 Map     Sat
GPS: AR0801


Entrance at Savaneta Beach 

Looking North, find the small bridge built over the pipes. Parking will be straight over the bridge.


 Map     Sat
GPS: AR0802


Parking at Savaneta Beach 

The sand is hard packed, so should be no problem for a car. The dive entry is back beyond the car, behind the trees.


 Map     Sat
GPS: AR0803


Entry at Savaneta Beach 

Keep your fins off as you walk the shallows toward the drop off.




Aerial at Savaneta Beach 
(click photo for details)

Make your way out through the channel to the deeper water. Until they perfect the underwater GPS, note your land marks so you can find the channel again.

Last Verification: February, 2001  


Diver Averages for  Savaneta Beach  (1=worst, 5=best)

Average Site Condition

Ease of Shore Entry:  3.00
Bottom Conditions:  3.50
Reef Conditions:  4.00
Animal Life:  3.75
Plant Life:  3.75
Facilities:  2.25
Solitude 4.75
Roads:  3.75
*Site Average:  3.62

Average Enjoyment Level

Snorkel:  4.00
Beginner Scuba:  3.50
Intermediate Scuba:  4.00
Advanced Scuba:  3.75
Night diving Scuba:  3.00

Number of reviews for this site: 4


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