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Boca Slagbaai is a wonderful beach that, unfortunately, was ravaged by the extremely rare hurricane of 1999. Many of the facilities and buildings on this beach were damaged. As repairs are made and concessions begin operations again, we'll put a note in this section. This is a great beach to spend the day with the kids.

Directions: See the Boca Bartol North site for Washington Park entrance directions.


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05/05/2015 Dano S (Avg: 4.14 Review) - We had no trouble with enter or exit even with new divers. The wind was from the south so waves were not bad at all the long swim to the buoy is over sand and scattered corals to there is a lot of look at as you swim to the line we took a heading with the compass and found the buoy line at 15ft with out any trouble at all. the life on the reef was excellent.

09/27/2012 Traci (Avg: 4.27 Review) - Best dive of the island on our trip. Easy beach entry. Lots of fish. Calm waters. Spent 55 mins in the serene waters.

03/12/2012 Peter (Avg: 3.21 Review) - We started out at the parking lot. It's about a 100 yard surface swim to the edge of the reef but it was an easy surface swim. We ran into a Lyon Fish around 60FSW. Not good. A school of Blue Tangs came in from the north above us and then dropped right through us. They continued down about another twenty feet and turned around and came back up through us again and headed off toward the north. Cool as fish go, there weren't as many fish as other reefs on the island. However, lots of coral. We saw lobsters, ells, Parrot Fish and lots of little fish. Since this site is in Washington Park, get an early start because it will take two to three hours to get there. Bring a lunch because the restaurant isn't always open.

06/19/2005 Bjorn (Avg: 3.68 Review) - We dove Slagbaii after Bartol and an appropriate surface interval. This site is part of Bonaire's Washington Park, and is accessible for shore diving ONLY after a very tough drive over heavily rutted roads. If you want to dive the National Park, you may as well make it a 2 or 3 tank day, otherwise the drive is not worth it. With this in mind, this is a fine dive but is not up to the quality we came to expect in Bonaire. The entry was very easy, but the reef was not as spectacular as most Bonaire sites. An almost religious encounter with a young Hawksbill turtle made this dive great for us, but one cannot count on something like that. This particular turtle displayed an open curiosity... he hovered inches from my mask, then surfaced to breathe (we watched him the whole way), only to come back down and repeat the encounter again, swimming figure eights around my wife while she gently stroked the turtle's carapace. Plenty of larger critters; a green moray, huge shoals of creole wrasse, and others. This would be a good first shore dive due to the easy entry and somewhat protected bay.

09/30/2002 John Kurre (Avg: 4.33 Review) - Long and difficult drive through park - 3 hours - to reach this site. Short swim ( 100 yards )out through calm water to reach reef. Very little current - clear water ( a good 100' visibility ). Reef runs parallel to beach. Starts at 40' and goes straight down to deep blue. Beautiful reef, including large pink tube sponges, big barrel sponges, and large variety coral and other plants. Very healthy and 'old looking' coral and plant life. Lots of your colorful tropical fish ( French and queen angelfish, parrot fish, etc.). Not an easy drive to reach this site but well worth it if you really love shore diving.


Site Photos

(click photo for a larger version)

 Map     Sat
GPS: NB0501


Parking at Boca Slagbaai North 

Parking is only meters from the shore line.

Right Entry

 Map     Sat
GPS: NB0502


Right Entry at Boca Slagbaai North 

This entry of Boca Slagbaai allows easy access to the Northern wall and coral.

Left Entry

 Map     Sat
GPS: NB0503


Left Entry at Boca Slagbaai North 

A sandy beach makes this an ideal entry point




Aerial at Boca Slagbaai North 
(click photo for details)

Just head straight out, diving against the current, of course.

Last Verification: February, 2001  


Diver Averages for  Boca Slagbaai North  (1=worst, 5=best)

Average Site Condition

Ease of Shore Entry:  4.80
Bottom Conditions:  4.00
Reef Conditions:  4.60
Animal Life:  3.60
Plant Life:  4.00
Facilities:  2.60
Solitude 4.20
Roads:  2.00
*Site Average:  3.93

Average Enjoyment Level

Snorkel:  3.20
Beginner Scuba:  4.40
Intermediate Scuba:  4.80
Advanced Scuba:  4.60
Night diving Scuba:  3.60

Number of reviews for this site: 5


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