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 West of H'6 at Harper's corner on Safari rd. Put-in at the shore.

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08/05/2014 Kristjan van Wissen (Avg: 1.50 Review) - This place is nothing more than an expensive pond to get wet in. Diving here is not good and there are better places for basic diver training. The vis here is so poor that instructors have trouble watching students for their own safety. They say there is a speed limit but only one speed bump (that I saw) so people drive too fast and dangerously right beside where divers, are getting dressed, including employees.

10/16/2005 Jason from Brampton (Avg: 2.73 Review) - Inexpensive entry ($5), ample parking. Nothing in the way of facilities, so pack a lunch since there's not a whole lot near by. Diving was good for my first experience (I was doing open water checkout). The bottom silt was extremely easily kicked up, so with small groups on the platform it's ok, but any more than 6 is a problem. Good snorkeling, inquisitive fish. I didn't get to see the spring, but there's always next time. The water was 57 deg F in mid October, and wet suit did a good job keeping me warm, but without change facilities, it was bloody cold getting changed after diving!

06/24/2005 Dave D (Avg: 3.55 Review) - We Spent the Day snorkeling around the lake and found many points of interest. In the north east corner of the lake where the spring water feeds up through the bottom is a must see. The Fish like to swim along and at times it looks like you have 50 of them behind you. Visibility is around 20 - 25 feet.

06/09/2005 Anonymous (Avg: 4.18 Review) - Gulliver's is a terrific place to go for your first dive for the year. It will allow you to refresh your skills before you begin some more difficult dives. The lake is filled with small mouth bass that love to follow divers, and they're easy to feed by hand. I definitely recommend going to Gulliver's for your first dive of the year.

09/20/2004 Jeff Shaw (Avg: 3.16 Review) - Did my open water checkout there. Tons of fun (Thanks to John M. Harper!). Quite a few fish but, with a lot of students in the water, the silt gets kicked up pretty easily and viz is next to nil (which is great for compass and underwater navigation practice). Water was quite warm 72 (end of Aug). Most memorable moment: Our underwater graduation ceremony - I've told everyone about it! Thanks for the little extras John(*wink) C-ya on the bottom! Safe Diving everyone!

02/07/2004 John M Harper (Avg: 2.89 Review) - A good basic training site with two underwater training platforms. Uniform depth at about 30 feet. An old quarry with most of the fish life in the weeds along the edge. Close to Hamiliton and about 60 k from downtown Toronto. Facilities limited to outhouse toilets. On Safari road close to African Lion Safari. No dogs allowed in park.

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*  Gulliver's Lake -- Gulliverís, where pollution is not tolerated.

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Average Site Condition

Ease of Shore Entry:  4.83
Bottom Conditions:  2.83
Reef Conditions:  2.17
Animal Life:  2.83
Plant Life:  2.67
Facilities:  2.33
Solitude 3.50
Roads:  3.67
*Site Average:  3.00

Average Enjoyment Level

Snorkel:  3.33
Beginner Scuba:  3.50
Intermediate Scuba:  2.83
Advanced Scuba:  2.50
Night diving Scuba:  2.50

Number of reviews for this site: 6


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