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La Perouse

Hawaiian Islands


This is a site for every skill level. The entry is easy and protected, with lots to see close to shore and further out into the bay. Beware of the surf conditions-- talk to your local dive shop to be sure. This is a bare-bones park-- bring everything with you!

Directions: At the South End of Highway 31, bear right onto Wailea Iki. Continue to the T, turn left on Wailea Alanui, which becomes Makena Alanui. After 6.7 miles, you'll see the intersection below.


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05/30/2009 Jerry Burawski (Avg: 2.88 Review) - Very poor vis. Some time down to 20'. They say this is known for dolphins, but you need to be there at sun rise and 1/2 mile from shore. We came out after 30min. The vis made feel like I was back in Monterey.

05/16/2008 B Kuhn (Avg: 2.98 Review) - La Perouse Bay 35 ft. There are no facilities here. Best to dive early in the morning before the waves pick up. The dive had visibility of 10-40ft. Enter near the barbed wire fence, and wear hard soled boots. Two stars (because there are better dives at other sites).

10/30/2007 Bill Stohler (Avg: 1.94 Review) - Although I haven't dove here in a really long time, what's been said about the State's DOCARE officers is true...they're trying to prevent damage to the area's archaeological sites and underwater features...so it may not be the easiest place to try to dive! If you go, make sure the surf report shows small waves on the South shore, and go very early, before the trade winds pick up. Otherwise, visibility will be terrible, and conditions will border between unpleasant and dangerous. I've only given this site two tries....didn't deem it worthy of a third. I may be missing something...but I'd rather dive the easier and clearer waters of Ahihi.

10/08/2007 Anonymous (Avg: 2.87 Review) - Drove out to the site, and encountered the nastiest animal we saw on any of our dives: A pissed off park ranger with a chip on her shoulder. She advised us not to dive there, and sent us back a few miles to a very bad site. Then she chastised us for unloading our tanks right by the dive site. Scary creature for sure.

01/04/2007 EnjoysWater (Avg: 3.00 Review) - I drove down here twice, with the surf up each time. It was a bummer, because it sounds like a sweet spot to dive. A rather unhelpful and unfriendly ranger said no one ever dives here. Well, my instructor at home as well as over 20 people on this site think otherwise... It was a scenic drive. Traveled through an old lava flow, and past Ahihi cove/bay and some other spots. Big beach is along the way too. I will try again if I am back to the islands sometime.

05/26/2005 Al Mialkovsky (Avg: 3.89 Review) - It had rained the day before and the vis was horrible until you got close to 35 feet deep which is a long swim. Then the vis was maybe 40 feet. Still the coral formations are as pretty as I've see on Maui and the sea life was plentiful. Lots of hikers in the area were there looking at the dolphins who were putting on a show. We didn't see any dolphins once we entered the water. Pay attention to the overview photo. You must take a compass heading and head for that outside point. Not much to see until you get there.

02/29/2004 Rory (Avg: 3.23 Review) - Great dive site. Takes you to another part of island. Octopus, reef fish, eels and turtles at site. Easy entry and exit. Dolphins farther out day we were there.

10/26/2003 Kelley & Dan Holtman (Avg: 3.07 Review) - 10/20/03-0830-At the end of the road, turn towards ocean to park close to entry point. Slippery lava entry near fence posts. Found Stout Moray (light phase) as soon as we put our masks on. Followed coastline on the right side of bay. 20' vis at first cove; 40' vis at 2nd cove and vis improved to 60' at 3rd cove. Dropped required dive flag here in 20' FSW. Fantastic coral formations, huge moray eels, Potter's Angelfish. Got a good laugh when the Hawaiian Cleaner Wrasse cleaned Dan's fin:) No facilities so take drinking water and fresh water to rinse with. Good entry for kayak diving (they rent them there too.)

12/18/2002 Stephen Scott (Avg: 2.87 Review) - Dove here once in December 2000. It was a nice dive although the day we went it was stormy and raining. The bay was well protected though and there were only small waves. The vis wasn't great due to the rain, but still saw lots of interesting fish and a variety of life.

01/10/2002 Rick Wyatt (Avg: 3.67 Review) - Did two dives here late Dec. '01. First was a snorkel to third cove to right and then descended to about 20-25 ft. Nice coral formations with a lot of marine life since this is a marine reserve area. Second dive was a snorkel to point on left and then through a loop dive through center of bay. Again, great coral but fewer fish compared to area closer to coves. Always recommended to go early in morning to avoid winds that kick up surf by late morning.


Site Photos

(click photo for a larger version)

 Map     Sat
GPS: MA2401


Entrance at La Perouse 

The end of the pave road (from which you came) is straight ahead, and the lava road entrance to La Perouse is to the the left.


 Map     Sat
GPS: MA2402


Parking at La Perouse 

Lots of room to park. The entry is to the right.




Overview at La Perouse 

You will enter in the small cove back to the right.


 Map     Sat
GPS: MA2404


Entry at La Perouse 

To the right of the parking, you will find this easy entry.




Aerial at La Perouse 
(click photo for details)

Take a compass bearing and head out!




Sign at La Perouse 

A little history of the area. While off-gassing, take some time to walk through this old village.

Last Verification: March, 2001  


Diver Averages for  La Perouse  (1=worst, 5=best)

Average Site Condition

Ease of Shore Entry:  3.10
Bottom Conditions:  3.10
Reef Conditions:  3.50
Animal Life:  3.30
Plant Life:  2.70
Facilities:  1.70
Solitude 3.20
Roads:  2.80
*Site Average:  3.04

Average Enjoyment Level

Snorkel:  3.30
Beginner Scuba:  3.40
Intermediate Scuba:  3.50
Advanced Scuba:  2.90
Night diving Scuba:  2.70

Number of reviews for this site: 10


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