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Note: As of August 28th 2005, Rock Divers, the company operating Madison Aquatic Park, has gone out of business and the park is closed and diving operations have ceased. The park is owned by the city of Madison, Alabama and it might possbily be re-opened by another vendor/operator, but nothing new has been reported as of end of October 2005. Just an update for those who might make a trip down and wanting to dive this location. -- Michael Sutton

Rock quarries are the mainstay of diving for those of us that do not live near the oceans or large clear inland lakes. Many of us are trained and do a large part of our diving in these local water holes. Personally I think this makes us a hardier breed of diver because we brave the cold clear waters they offer as often as we can. Because these quarries do not usually have natural attractions such as shipwrecks, we create our own, by finding really cool stuff and sinking it. Generally we are not too picky either. If we find something that most "normal" folks think has outlived it's useful life, chances are we will jump at the chance to sink it for our diver's to enjoy! Madison Aquatic Park is no exception. Due to our proximity to Marshall Space Flight Center and the U. S. Space and Rocket Center, we have been able to get our hands on some very unique stuff for our quarry. On Friday June 1, 2001 we sank the most unique one yet. The U. S. Space and Rocket Center generously donated a 53' long, 15,000lb, Minuteman missile for our park. The rocket was placed vertically in roughly the center of the quarry. When you dive, just make sure you don't push the red button! Other interesting objects that we have acquired and placed are a F4 Phantom fighter jet, several pieces of mock up's of the first space station, a mock up of a telescope observation tower, and a steel bridge. These are in addition to the other more common items such as boats and vehicles. We have two houseboats in addition to many smaller runabouts. We are in the process of acquiring a few more pieces of "hardware" that will continue with our aeronautical theme and enhance your diving experience with us. Madison Aquatic Park is North Alabama's premier quarry, well suited for diver training. The average depth of the quarry is 50' and has very easy access to the water with parking next to the water on three sides. We are located just east of Interstate 65 in Madison, Alabama. This offers our northern neighbors a great place to stop off for a dive and rest on your way south. It's also a great place to stop on your way back home to wash all that salt off your gear. Contact


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01/31/2012 Anonymous (Avg: 3.00 Review) - New website:

08/30/2010 Anonymous (Avg: 3.00 Review) - The quarry is open now!

04/26/2004 Anonymous (Avg: 2.44 Review) - Decent Stuff to look at. Vis was low when I went and not much animal life that I could find.

02/16/2004 Anonymous (Avg: 2.52 Review) - It's one of those dives to do once to get in your logbook that you dived a quarry with a minuteman missile in it.

06/17/2003 Michael Sutton (Avg: 3.17 Review) - Good place to dive locally. Only a few minutes outside town off I-565. $17 entry fee. Their website is See website for directions/hours/pics/info. Max dept about 50'. They have several houseboats, other boats, S-10 pickup, MinuteMan Missile, F-4 Phantom airplane, and other stuff sunk in Quarry. Average summer temp prob 55f to 70f. Can park right at quarry rim so no hauling of gear. Air fills at onsite dive shop.

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Ease of Shore Entry:  4.20
Bottom Conditions:  3.00
Reef Conditions:  2.80
Animal Life:  2.40
Plant Life:  1.80
Facilities:  2.80
Solitude 3.40
Roads:  2.80
*Site Average:  2.83

Average Enjoyment Level

Snorkel:  2.20
Beginner Scuba:  3.60
Intermediate Scuba:  3.00
Advanced Scuba:  2.40
Night diving Scuba:  3.00

Number of reviews for this site: 5


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