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Sunk in 1940 after it was washed ashore in a storm sits the Regina. Local divers also know this wreck as the Molasses barge. I dove this site which is very convenient due to the fact that it is a shore dive across the street from a dive shop. You must cross a street and about 100yds of sand. Once you hit the water, it is about a 100yd swim to the floating milk bottle in 18 feet of water that marks the spot. When I dove this wreck about 6 months ago, the only structure was about a 15 foot section of the bow that Jets out of the sand. There are a few ropes attached that a large amount of Sea Horses have made what I've heard to be a permanent residence. Also seen were Conchs, Sand Dollars, Wrasses, Jellyfish and a large school of Spade Fish which was the highlight for me. Visibility on the first dive in the early AM was aprox 10 to 15feet. The second dive was only about 5 feet visibility in the late morning. This is the perfect beginner shore dive due to the shallow water and location of the Dive Shop.

 Directly across the street from the SeaTrek Dive Shop at Bradenton Beach and approximately 100 yards of shore sits the remains of the 247 foot tanker Regina.


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06/27/2013 Gary Majors (Avg: 3.22 Review) - It is still there. Now a big white floating bucket marks the location. Not a lot to see but for the area it is good. Enough of the wreck is still there to give the local sea critters somewhere to hang out. Access is easy. Park at Seakat divers, rent a tank and walk across the street. A gradually sloping sand bottom makes entry easy. Of course you might have to deal with the waves but that shouldn't be too difficult. Viz was about 6-8 foot but in the wreckage field it would drop with all the stuff coming off the wreck itself. Easy shore dive, good for beginners but bland for experienced divers.

03/07/2012 Anonymous (Avg: 3.92 Review) - The new dive shop that moved into that spot is called Sea Kat Divers (941-779-0100). The owner, Jim Humes, is knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. There was a orange buoy attached to the Regina but it was recently blown away, there will be a new buoy coming. If you have any questions come in to the shop Jim will be able to help you with your diving needs.

06/25/2011 Anonymous (Avg: 3.00 Review) - Sea Trek is out of business so no local dive shop support anymore. 3 of the 4 buoys have been blown away leaving only one marker buoy.

11/26/2010 Anonymous (Avg: 3.40 Review) - I personally enjoyed the dive. Vis was about 15'. Best time for the dive is around 2pm. I found the people at Sea Trek which is right across the street to be very helpful. They actually lined me up with a group that was going out. The beach was nice and not over crowed. Not just tons of stuff to see but still interesting. Saw sand rays, millions of fish, sea horses and other algaes and inverts. Great noobs beginners dive.

06/08/2008 Anonymous (Avg: 2.48 Review) - It was a very small wreck but was worth seeing as a one time deal. There were a ton of shells and lots of sand dollars that nearly covered the bottom. In order to find the barge you nearly had to swim into it, and the local Sea Trek Divers shop was very unhelpful and unwilling to accommodate new or out of town divers.

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