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Pebble Beach

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Pebble Beach is a popular night diving area because of the proximity of parking and an easy shore entry. The depths are no more than 25 feet for several hundred yards out to sea.

Directions: At the end of SR 128 in Cape Ann, turn Left on SR 127A (Cross Street). In one half mile, turn left (following SR 127A) onto Thatcher Road. After 2.8 miles, turn right onto South Street, and travel almost to the end (.4 miles), turning left on Penzance for another .25 miles.


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07/13/2006 LobstaMan (Avg: 3.23 Review) - My brother and I did two nice long shallow dives at Pebble Beach recently. Found the parking to be easy and abundant, as far as Cape Ann goes. It was a sunny warm day with a small amount of wave activity, and we dove at low tide and just after. There were lots of other divers in the water or getting ready to go in. However, we met only three or four u/w. We were lobstering and did surprising well for the popularity of the site. It's easy access and, with the amount of other divers who were also hunting, divers on both sides of us came back with 4 or 5 in their catch bag each. Viz was good with small surge. It's a long, but not impossible swim to the rocky reefs. I recommend this site for beginner and intermediate divers as well as advanced divers trying out new equipment.

10/04/2005 Crashdiver9 (Avg: 2.82 Review) - Brought two friends who had never been diving in New England. Parking and entry simple and straightforward. Swam out to first reef line and dropped down. Saw a few lobsters, plenty of crabs, flounder of every size, and a sea raven. Lots of plant life. Visibility was good at about 25 ft, but the surge was obviously kicking some Ohio ass, and my partners decided to head back in after 30 minutes. Egress was interesting since none of us had ever experienced the combination of strong surf AND an uneven, rocky beach. No broken bones, though. Due to lack of fish life, we decided to make our second dive at Folly Cove despite the wind direction.

07/31/2005 NarcedNaturally (Avg: 3.35 Review) - Finally managed to splash. Chased a ray into deeper water "25 feet….so deep ;) " saw what I'm almost sure was a pout lying motionless on the bottom (mean looking thing, whatever it was) several hiding lobsters, and numerous crabs. Good dive all in all Can anyone help me explain my 30 minute at 25 ft air consumption?!

07/21/2005 Bubblz (Avg: 2.80 Review) - I happen to love this beach, mostly due to the nostalgia of having done my Rescue Course here years ago. I have seen 20 lb. lobsters here- illegal, of course- and moon snails the size of watermelons. The reefs and the point are fun to poke around on, but that's about all the excitement. Careful on the entry!

07/08/2005 NarcedNaturally (Avg: 2.62 Review) - Holy Smokes. HEED THE WARNINGS ABOUT SOFT SAND. I got stuck. Fortunately found a person with an AAA card to have me towed. (No pay for tow people who answer on the 4th of July weekend). After 2 hours in the 80 degree heat, I geared up in 7mm farmer john, a steel 80 and about 45 lbs of weight (about 110 lbs total). As I stumbled towards the entrance I became violently overheated and called the solo dive... STAY THE HELL OUT OF THE SOFT SAND!!!

03/14/2005 Sharon Hepburn (Avg: 2.36 Review) - Not a very interesting dive. Come here only if all other sites fail and you absolutely have to dive! A thin strip of rock reef runs parallel to the shore quite a way out. Not a lot to see. Lots of sand. Easy parking and easy entry. Might be an ok night dive, but I think other sites might be better.

09/01/2004 Michael Stricklen (Avg: 2.97 Review) - Free, easy parking marks this spot! This site has a couple of really nice reefs, but they both require a decent surface swim (> 100 kick cycles) to reach them. The large round pebbles for which this beach is named have claimed many an ankle ... be cautious. Also, exits when the tide is coming in can cause one to be turned turtle and pounded by the surf. Time your exit with the waves, and keep an eye out for the occasional rogue. This spot really comes alive at night, but the length of the beach and long shore current could leave a non-attentive diver lost - something to keep in mind.

04/15/2004 Anonymous (Avg: 3.12 Review) - Nice easy dive with decent temperature, but skin suit, wet suit, hood and thick gloves are strongly advised. Large amounts of flounder and striped bass had been seen several times. Crabs inhabit the majority of the shallower bottoms.

12/08/2003 Alan Shepard (Avg: 2.80 Review) - Pebble Beach is another area dive site with easy entry. There are no facilities other than parking at this site. You must swim over a great expanse of sand to reach the outer reefs. Marine life is not as prolific here as some other sites but you can encounter more pipefish here than any other site I know. Lobstering is only okay here.

07/23/2003 Dan Korkosz (Avg: 3.83 Review) - Free parking in Rockport says it all! We call this site the "supermarket" for it's abundance of lobster and flounder. There are a series of three reefs parallel to shore each progressively farther offshore with stretches of sand in between. Maximum depth at the outermost reef is approximately 40 ft. Navigation is easy, follow a course perpendicular to shore until you reach your desired reef then follow the reciprocal course back to the beach. Hunt lobster on the reefs and flounder in the sand. I've seen the odd Goosefish here in the sand zones. The beach consists of cobble sized stones (pebbles!?) so be careful on entry/exit. Best viz in the fall.

07/16/2003 Mark Fisette (Avg: 3.80 Review) - Beach is mostly pebbles, some big. Good beginner's spot.


Site Photos

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GPS: MS1101


Parking at Pebble Beach 

There is plenty of free parking along this quarter mile stretch of rocky beach.




Overview at Pebble Beach 

A look from left to right.


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GPS: MS1103


entry at Pebble Beach 

Its not a difficult entry if the weather is favorable. For the best diving area, surface swim a 100 yards out, then descend. If you have a choice, start your dive from the right side of the beach, as it closer to the rocky reef.

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Diver Averages for  Pebble Beach  (1=worst, 5=best)

Average Site Condition

Ease of Shore Entry:  3.45
Bottom Conditions:  3.09
Reef Conditions:  3.09
Animal Life:  3.36
Plant Life:  3.18
Facilities:  1.00
Solitude 3.27
Roads:  3.09
*Site Average:  3.06

Average Enjoyment Level

Snorkel:  2.27
Beginner Scuba:  3.91
Intermediate Scuba:  3.27
Advanced Scuba:  2.36
Night diving Scuba:  3.36

Number of reviews for this site: 11


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