Beach 8th Street, Queens

Beach 8th Street, Queens
New York
USA East


Site Review by
 Jason NYC
Date: 11/05/2004


Site Condition
(1=worst, 5=best)

Name:  Jason NYC Entry:    5.00
Email:   Click Here Bottom:    2.00
City:   Los Angeles Reef:    1.00
State:   CA Animal:    2.00
Country:   USA Plant:    2.00
Diving:   12 years Facilities:    1.00
 Dives:   325 Solitude   3.00
    Roads:    3.00


*Average:    2.26
This review is being written based on what Almost Paradise NOW looks like after a developer purchased the property. At one time, this spot was a great place to do a nice one hour dive with nice facilities and a secure parking lot in an area of NYC that can be described as tough if you didn't grow up here. The visibility rarely exceeds 10-15 ft., the temp rarely goes above 70 at the surface, and the current will take you out to sea if you don't dive it at slack. The boat traffic is very busy. Marine life is plentiful for a low viz dive. Lobster, crab, tons of horseshoe crab, starfish and a few other fish. While I did see some trash, the water was surprisingly clean for a NYC shore dive. No needles or beer bottles, but that may change now that divers aren't protecting the water. In the late summer some folks saw tropicals. A small fee was gladly paid for the facilities that used to exist. Rumors exist that the developer is going to build a compressor on the new property (housing) and open again in the future but this has not yet been confirmed as of 11/3/04. Now, you have to crawl through a fence (read 'maybe illegal') to dive here and the parking options are scary at best. The beach isn't bad so bring a non diver with you to watch your car and stuff. The non diver shouldn't need someone to watch him or her. It's not that bad. I almost wrote this review under the "Beach 8th Street" name because another name for Almost Paradise was Beach 9th Street. Yep, just one street away in Queens, NY. Just a short drive from JFK airport if you aren't familiar with the area. The big difference was the small fee for the secure facilities and parking offered. Worth it! Too bad we lost this one. Some still dive it, but I haven't been back since it was "Almost" Paradise, if ya know what I mean.    

Enjoyment Level

Snorkel:    1.00
Beginner:    3.00
Intermediate:    4.00
Advanced:    3.00
Night diving:    3.00

Seasonal Information

Season:    Summer
Year:    2003
Visibility:    1.00
Current:    1.00
Surf:    3.00

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