Overview of Deer Creek Road

Deer Creek Road

California Mid
USA West


This dive site is well off the beaten path, and relatively undisturbed. A reef and some kelp are found close to shore with excellent diving just beyond.

Directions: Just East of Point Mugu State Park; 3.2 miles West of Mulholland Highway intersection with the Pacific Coast Highway (1); and 18 miles West of Malibu.


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12/19/2011 Anonymous (Avg: 3.90 Review) - Great spot to dive but it has been picked through because there are so many people diving there now. Little do they know I saw a 10' White shark Yesterday on the outer northern reef and one year ago saw 'something' hit a seal about 50 yards out. I have accepted my fate... Good luck diving!

07/14/2010 MIke Hommes (Avg: 3.07 Review) - I was there in early July and vis was about 15 feet, 18 to 20 out by the reef. I like to go there a few times a year, but vis is hit or miss depending on the tide, sometimes 10 to 15 ft others 0 to 5ft. Over all pretty good, parking in pretty close, diving spots close too. I've seen Perch, rays, bass Sheephead, seals all sort of stuff and have speared a 48in Halibut there. Also Neptune's Net is just south if you're hungry after your dive. Good Fish and Chips and Clam chowder.

07/03/2008 Brian Xavier (Avg: 4.14 Review) - Deer Creek is a great dive. The shore break looks enormous, but once you get out past it, the diving is excellent. Vis was low the day I dove it- probably ten feet, but lots of purple urchins, black perch, and some Calico bass. The kelp is way out, so be ready for the kick. Good idea to put fins on after first big wave set. You can take fins off coming in before that same wave set or do the Monastery Crawl onto the beach. This would be a great dive on a high vis day! Be in good shape.

01/13/2008 Lynne and John (Avg: 3.48 Review) - Nice reef with easy access from the road down a short set of stairs. We saw dolphins swimming around the outer edge of the reef and had a sea lion swim with us as we returned to the shore. We saw many calico bass, garibaldi, and two bat rays. Visibility was about 15' with little current and about 2 foot surf at the entry.

11/08/2007 T Sherren (Avg: 3.90 Review) - We had a beautiful night dive here. The ocean was calm, vis 15-20'. Rock fish, crab, but only one lobster (who came home w/me!). It's a peaceful, nice dive when flat.

07/20/2007 Rickster (Avg: 4.03 Review) - We dived this site July 14th. It was a great dive, good vis and a lot to see. We try to dive here at least every month. If you have not been to Deer Creek, do it.

09/03/2006 Mark Conyers (Avg: 3.96 Review) - Great night dive. I followed a 4' female Angel Shark around for about 5mins. She swam right up to us in mid-water. Scared up a Spiny Dogfish Shark in shallow water on the way in, big female about 5'. Lots of other fish and crabs. We went in at dusk for a 1 hour dive. Viz was 20' max. 57 degs, 2' swell with some wind chop and surge.

06/11/2006 Mark Conyers (Avg: 3.30 Review) - Spiny Dogfish Sharks are in. Saw at least 8. All females about 3.5 feet long. 27fsw. Viz opened up to about 10 feet.

03/17/2006 Basomatic (Avg: 2.85 Review) - Nice for anyone looking for an easy beach entry. Good reefs to the north and to the south. Reef located about 150 yards off shore for the long swimmer. Note for spear fisherman: there are very good sand patches along the south reef. I caught a 36" 16 pound halibut here!

01/28/2006 Dave George (Avg: 3.00 Review) - Jan 28, 2006, about 11 AM. There was an outgoing tide, and the water was 56 degrees with waves and surge. Viz was about 10-15 feet at best. Max depth 24 feet. Lots of stars, two small anemone, several keyhole limpets. Nice dive. Unfortunately, there was a dolphin at the base of the stairs that had its head cut off. Definitely done by a human with a knife. Looks like it was done on the beach, perhaps after the dolphin carcass had washed up on shore. Oh well. Enjoy the diving.

01/13/2006 James Deirmendjian (Avg: 2.58 Review) - It's all about WHEN you go in. Went back a couple of days later, and though the bottom was crap, at some points I could see 20+ feet in front of my face in the kelp. Plenty of kelp crabs everywhere, plenty of jack smelt and shiner surf-perch - no big pelagics or big reef fish, though. A fun, if somewhat skeletal and sparse, dive into the kelp.

12/27/2005 James Deirmendjian (Avg: 1.91 Review) - Just tried to snorkel Deer Creek for the 2nd time. Was disappointed yet again by next to nothing viz. Maybe it's just the winter conditions.

04/18/2005 John Kibler (Avg: 2.02 Review) - Hmmm...Must have caught this site on a very bad day. The surge at the surface didn't look too bad, but the viz turned out to be less than 5 feet. 5-10 other divers were out but they didn't stay long either. On the plus side, we spotted two grey whales heading north just beyond the kelp after we got out.

03/19/2004 Anonymous (Avg: 3.40 Review) - Hands down a top ten dive location for Ventura County.

04/01/2003 Mark Conyers (Avg: 3.84 Review) - Did a night Dive here Sunday and it was Great. Santa Ana winds just died down and Viz was about 35ft. Saw lots of small Lobster, 2 Horn Sharks and a Big Bat Ray. Beach was pretty rocky due to high tide. Surf was low. Water was 55degs.

12/01/2002 James Sperling (Avg: 3.32 Review) - Well this is the last time I'm going to rate this site. If your looking for Lobster you might want to try somewhere else. Night diving here is pretty cool. My brother and I finished our AOW class here and we saw octopus, sell sharks, angel sharks and many more types of fish resting on the reefs.

07/26/2002 James Sperling (Avg: 3.54 Review) - Well it would appear that I'm turning into a dive guide for this location. Deer Creek is ok and the access is easy, but if you really want the pay off you have to go to Staircases which is a much better dive. One thing though, if you are not in shape this dive is not for you. E-mail me for details!!!!

06/30/2002 James Sperling (Avg: 3.85 Review) - Went again Saturday. WOW what a difference the surf was big and the vis was bad. Recommendation: If the surf is up go further south. Visibility was 6ft at best.

06/26/2002 James Sperling (Avg: 4.18 Review) - Went to the real deer creek dive location this time and it was awesome. If you don't have the money for a boat dive this place is worth considering. The visibility currently is about 15 feet. Lots of reefs, fish, and kelp. The entry is much easier than stair cases and Leo Carrillo. I live about 10 minutes away so you might see me there!

06/21/2002 James Sperling (Avg: 4.03 Review) - It's not exactly at Deer Creek. Its called Stair Cases (located 4000 on PCH HWY 1) do to the hike down. Vis was awesome for the area, the dive overall was well worth it!!!!


Site Photos

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 Map     Sat
GPS: CM1301


Entrance at Deer Creek Road 

Coastal access is marked at the intersection.

Trail Head



Trail Head at Deer Creek Road 

It's an easy jaunt over the edge. You can see where the deeper water begins.




Overview at Deer Creek Road 

A rocky point is just down the beach.


 Map     Sat
GPS: CM1304


Entry at Deer Creek Road 

Mostly sand, the entry should be easy on a calm day.

Last Verification: July, 2001  


Diver Averages for  Deer Creek Road  (1=worst, 5=best)

Average Site Condition

Ease of Shore Entry:  3.60
Bottom Conditions:  3.35
Reef Conditions:  3.35
Animal Life:  3.60
Plant Life:  3.55
Facilities:  1.65
Solitude 3.80
Roads:  4.25
*Site Average:  3.42

Average Enjoyment Level

Snorkel:  2.65
Beginner Scuba:  3.85
Intermediate Scuba:  3.75
Advanced Scuba:  3.40
Night diving Scuba:  3.60

Number of reviews for this site: 20


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