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Date: 05/27/2009


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Name:  Jade Diver Entry:    2.00
Email:   Click Here Bottom:    2.00
City:   Reef:    3.00
State:   Animal:    3.00
Country:   Plant:    3.00
Diving:   0 years Facilities:    1.00
 Dives:   0 Solitude   4.00
    Roads:    3.00


*Average:    2.65
Yes the hike up and down the cliffs is ridiculous. The shore boulder field can snap a leg with one miss step on a slippery or loose rock. After my first tank a family came up to me holding their dying dog, asking where the nearest vet was. Apparently at the wrong place at the wrong time. Another person was being helped out by his friends because his feet were so cut up by the rocks he couldn't walk. DON'T wear sandals dude! If you are bound and determined to go there, go prepared, move slowly and carefully, this is VERY wild country with no medical attention around. In the water the direction of the swells and large swell intervals even when small can throw you into the rocks or pin you under a ledge. Dove here last week and the canopy of bull kelp was so thick and it was so dark I had to use a light to see the gravel beds. Problem was I needed 2 hands to hold onto the thick palm kelp to keep the surge from dragging me in 20 ft. of water. Once a wave had passed, I had to untangle myself from the kelp to continue. Vis was 8-10ft. Forget looking into caves. Two long dives and 3 hikes up and down the cliff yielded 2 handfuls of pebbles. A beach picker vacationing from Indiana found a half pound ocean polished piece in the rocks near the water 10 times better than anything I found. Up at the car I saw a young dude beginning the hike down with a brand new US Divers snorkel kit from Big 5 price tag still on it and I lost it. I told the kid do not go down there unless properly prepared with the right gear and DIVERS ARE NOT LIFEGUARDS!!! What a day, I think I'll stick to spear fishing Willow creek.    

Enjoyment Level

Snorkel:    1.00
Beginner:    1.00
Intermediate:    1.00
Advanced:    1.00
Night diving:    1.00

Seasonal Information

Season:    Spring
Year:    2009
Visibility:    2.00
Current:    2.00
Surf:    2.00

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