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Moss Street Point

California South
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Another out-of-the-way dive spot to beat the crowds is at Moss Street Point. Although usually well protected throughout the year, this area offers a good challenge to the seasoned diver.

Directions: Make a right on Moss Street about 1.6 miles South of Broadway and Pacific Coast Highway in Laguna. The entrance is at the end of Moss.


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03/19/2008 Brian Xavier (Avg: 3.92 Review) - The waves looked real big here the morning I dove. Pretty big on the corner of this point, but put on mask and fins and walked in backwards, turned then dove. Rough like Monterey until I got out to about 25 feet. Better vis. and lots of plant/animal life. This site has real potential if you dive to the rocks on the left. Looks a little scary, but jump in and try it.

09/13/2005 Lobsterboy (Avg: 3.39 Review) - I snorkeled Moss Street on the last night of lobster season this year. Small SW swell. Visibility was good. I stayed in close to shore to the south of the point. Lots and lots of small (sub-legal) lobster were out and about and some big fish hiding in the caves. Lots of holes and cool caves. Very enjoyable snorkel dive, but exit was a bit bumpy with rocks in the surf zone. Be careful.

05/27/2005 Berington Van Campen (Avg: 3.48 Review) - Great dive, conditions permitting. Easy evaluation from top of stairs. Great tide pooling for non-divers or bad dive days. Good reefs for exploring. It CAN be surgy; NOT a dive on big surf days, but when it's good, a VERY rewarding dive. Watch for rocks in surf zone.

10/20/2003 Jeff Breazile (Avg: 3.42 Review) - Did a night dive for lobster here Oct. 5, 2003. This site has no facilities, a long stair case to the beach from the street parking with a fairly easy shore entry. There are lots of small submerged rocks so be careful if there is much wave action. We had about 2-4' waves breaking when I dove this site but spaced a good time apart. We swam out and around the point of rocks in the picture and then straight out from there hitting bottom in about 30fsw. The reefs were full of life, even had a good sized bat ray visit us for a while we hunted. The surge was manageable until the bigger wave sets went through, then you had better be holding on to something or ready to fend of urchin covered rocks. Lot's of sea urchins! my buddy ended up with 5 nasty punctures in his knee while being thrown around by the surge, right through his dry suit. Vis was 5-8' not great but just fine for us Oregonians used to 0-3' vis. Fun dive, lots to see, great reef structure, lots of animals

09/12/2003 Erik Wade (Avg: 2.66 Review) - I wouldn't suggest to anyone unless experienced in rough water entries and exits. This place can be calm or can have 4-6 surf in rapid strong patterns. Most of what people want to see is between 10-20ft. On a bad day the surf and surge can kick up sand and debris making visibility 5ft at best and the surge will knock you around like a heavy weight boxer. The overall enjoyment is good if you want to see plant life, but the fish tend to hide every time I have been there. If you can dive this locations on a bad day without incident (getting knocked over, losing equipment, etc) then you are doing great.

11/15/2002 Rob Barton (Avg: 2.85 Review) - There were some interesting rocks and reefs to the South, but you have to be at least 20' deep. Be careful of all the lobster traps, but keep your eyes out for the ones who haven't got caught yet. There is a small swim through at the center of the rock structure that is surrounded by all the traps, so look carefully.


Site Photos

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GPS: CS0601


Parking at Moss Street Point 

Parking is again limited, since this is a residential area. You may have to drop off your gear at the end of the street, and find parking elsewhere.




Overview at Moss Street Point 

Good visibility on calm days reveals the canyons and reefs.




Overview at Moss Street Point 

Here's an enticing channel to explore!


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GPS: CS0604


Entry at Moss Street Point 

Sand, with occasional rocks, lines the entry points. Beware of the swell, and help your buddy through the surf zone.

Last Verification: July, 2001  


Diver Averages for  Moss Street Point  (1=worst, 5=best)

Average Site Condition

Ease of Shore Entry:  2.83
Bottom Conditions:  3.00
Reef Conditions:  3.67
Animal Life:  3.33
Plant Life:  4.00
Facilities:  1.67
Solitude 3.83
Roads:  3.33
*Site Average:  3.29

Average Enjoyment Level

Snorkel:  2.83
Beginner Scuba:  3.17
Intermediate Scuba:  3.33
Advanced Scuba:  3.17
Night diving Scuba:  3.17

Number of reviews for this site: 6


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