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Three Graces is a beautiful site that has it all. Beach-combing is at its finest at low tide, and harvesting is excellent at high. Bring your camera for macro-photographic opportunities!

Directions: From Portland, take Highway 26 West to Highway 6 West into Tillamook on the coast. Drive North 9.9 miles into the Heart of Garibaldi. Drive 1.2 miles farther North to the turnout below.


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04/30/2013 Steve from Oregon (Avg: 2.72 Review) - Long hike to and from. Shore entry nice with beach. Vis only 5-8ft at low tide. Lots of rocks fun swim over and around.

08/22/2010 Justin Rochefort (Avg: 3.15 Review) - Dove here on Sunday 8/21/10. Was a nice dive with lots of life. Lots of Monkeyface Pricklebacks in the rocks. We had good vis for Oregon diving between 15'and 20'. Did high tide and low tide dives. Getting out after the dive I would have to say the high tide dive was easier. Could surface swim in almost to the beach. With the low tide dive you had to walk in knee deep water for 75 yards or so and keep an eye on the rocks. One thing with this dive is the Depth. You need to drop down on the west rock of the group and on the west side of this rock is a nice little wall that will get you to between 25' and 30'. We did see a few Monkeyface on this wall also. The way we used to get to the west rock and avoid all the other smaller rocks underwater was to go in from the sandy beach and head towards and to the east of the farthest rock and have the current help you get around the back of the rocks and to the far west rock with the wall. If you try to get underwater between the beach shore and the rocks, the water is very shallow.

08/18/2010 Vinny (Avg: 3.58 Review) - This dive site is very fun. There were small rockfish that you could sometimes catch with your hands. There are lots of clam shells to the north of the rocks (~30ft) and lots of clam necks sticking up between all of the shells and rocks. Many varieties of starfishes, sea anemones, large sea snails, rock crab and Dungeness. The water temp was 52F and the visibility was probably 10-12 ft. I dove at high slack tide and the current only started to pick up towards the end as the tide switched to outgoing. I could hear boats going by during my dive so be careful if you rely on popping up to take a peek.

02/07/2010 Kyle (Avg: 3.45 Review) - Good dive with a lot of sea life. Go during high slack as the ebb tides can reach up to 4 knots +. This is a good dive for intermediate divers with a few swim throughs. Saw one big ling and a lot of small rock fish. A good overall dive!

11/29/2005 Jo (Avg: 3.00 Review) - Be careful about leaving purses or valuables in eyesight along the highway!! My Sister & I had our purses stolen in broad daylight out of our car. Someone came along and broke out the window!!

04/29/2003 Mark Schneider (Avg: 3.90 Review) - I've tried 3 times to dive this site. Only on this last dive was it enjoyable. The surge can be maddening. Access is easy if you go further down the RR tracks, past the entry it looks like most people use. We entered near the east most rock which is very close to shore. We circled the rock to the south and headed for deeper water due south. MUCH calmer at 30 ft or deeper. Vis was excellent for Oregon at 12 ft. Plenty of rocks and sea life, very interesting dive. We dove around the high slack with only a 4 foot outgoing exchange but the surge above 20 fsw was too strong to overcome. Just rode it in on a NNE heading and came up on the beach. No facilities but it is right next to the road and there are plenty of local businesses for your needs. This spot is also popular with tidepoolers so you often have a chance to express your enthusiasm for diving to tourists, especially the youngsters. A lovely spot and a great dive on a low exchange.

12/17/2002 Scott Richardson (Avg: 3.73 Review) - This is a great site if you time your dive around High Slack tide. The current can get strong. There are a lot of great structures with huge boulders and some swim-throughs. The walk down to the site from the parking area can be rough, down some train tracks and down the boulders.

09/17/2002 Alex (Avg: 3.67 Review) - I was diving there again on 9/15/02: at 11am vis was 25-35ft, tons of fishes. Speared rockfish, got eight 7 inch crabs (!). On second dive current was really strong (2 hours after high tide). Beautiful plant life. First time saw there a Stonefish. Have your float on the surface- boats come close. Don't forget about hand truck w/air tires, or you will have to carry your tanks and gear for 100 yards.

07/22/2002 Alex (Avg: 2.70 Review) - I was diving at Three Graces on 7/12/02 and 7/20/02. Both times visibility was 4-8ft with 8 at the bottom. Best way to get crabs and good clams: surface swim to the second rock and drop down to 37-42ft. No lingcod, just few rockfishes. Take flashlight. Dive at high tide, since shore entry is difficult at low tide. Have your hand truck with air tires with you: it's about 70 yards walk on crashed rocks along the railroad way.

12/14/2001 Jeff Breazile (Avg: 3.88 Review) - Fun dive! Huge under water structures and walls, just imagine the rocks in the picture only underwater! I've done 4 dive here in the last 6 months I've maybe explored 1/3 of the reef. Expect good numbers of Dungeness, lot's of Kelp Greenlin, I always see at least one Lingcod. The amount of invertebrate life is simply amazing! Beach entry is easy, but climbing down the rocks to the beach with your gear can be difficult! Watch the tides!! ONLY attempt this dive if you are confident in current and good with a compass. There are so many rock formations to explore it's easy to get turned around and swim farther into the shipping channel, which can be busy. This is a fun drift dive if you have a boat!! The last time I drift dove this there was only a 5ft. exchange and my dive partner and I ended up almost to the Coast Guard Station!!! Even during slack tide the current sometimes does not stop, again watch the tides here! Max depth is about 60-70ftsw. Vis is anywhere between 2 - 30 ft I've had both! Watch the weather, rain, swell, etc.. to gauge possible vis. Have fun!!


Site Photos

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GPS: OR0201


Parking at Three Graces 

The turn out is along the side of the road. Follow the railroad tracks to the East for the easiest entry.




Overview at Three Graces 

A high tide view, with the entry beach in the background.


 Map     Sat
GPS: OR0203


Entry at Three Graces 

It's an easy walk into the water-- help your buddy get to waist-high water. This spot is very susceptible to tidal flow. Do not dive here unless you have received the proper instruction from a local dive shop.

Last Verification: September, 2001  


Diver Averages for  Three Graces  (1=worst, 5=best)

Average Site Condition

Ease of Shore Entry:  2.80
Bottom Conditions:  3.60
Reef Conditions:  3.70
Animal Life:  3.60
Plant Life:  3.50
Facilities:  1.60
Solitude 4.10
Roads:  3.40
*Site Average:  3.38

Average Enjoyment Level

Snorkel:  2.50
Beginner Scuba:  2.40
Intermediate Scuba:  3.40
Advanced Scuba:  3.80
Night diving Scuba:  3.20

Number of reviews for this site: 10


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