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04/14/2009 Gene Coronetz (Avg: 3.45 Review) - I noticed that your reviews of this site are a little dated. Our Dive club visited on 3/29 and the general consensus was that all were pleased, in spite of the LOOONG walk from the limited parking up on the road. It was a -1.5 low that day; current typically remains nil here. The former preponderance of brown rockfish has now been displaced by more coppers and quillbacks and a few blacks, all of which cowered in the many nooks and crannies of the reef, leading me to believe that seals and sea lions must often visit for lunch! This is one of the better shore dives around. (especially if you don't consider Agate Pass)

01/20/2004 Phill B (Avg: 3.60 Review) - This is an excellent dive location for Puget sound. I sailed here, slept over night and dived the next morning. This year we plan do the same trip but will include a night dive. This dive had good vis and great topography. Recommended.

12/02/2003 Brian Wiederspan (Avg: 3.38 Review) - Also called KVI Tower, I have not done this as a shore dive, but this is one of my favorite boat dives. It's an artificial reef that is home to lot's of life. It's not hard to find gpo's here, usually several in a single dive. Wolf eels can be common here as well. Bring a good light and take your time looking in and under all of the structures, there's a lot to be found here.

06/24/2002 Curt Johnson (Avg: 3.19 Review) - The artificial reef is located toward the northern end of the bay. Drift on south and there is a boulder field. Lots of anemones, mostly metridium, give this a flower garden feel. I saw several species of fish, octopus, and euphsiids in clouds. Since I was diving in summer, lots of jellyfish (multiple species) and ctenophores were present. The admonitions regarding crowds from charter boats certainly apply. We saw several sets of divers, and two charter boats were in their area. It did not detract from my enjoyment of the dive. We kept our depth less than 80 feet, yet saw plenty.

05/01/2002 CT (Avg: 3.26 Review) - I've never done this as a shore dive, but I'm told it's done. I've had nothing but very good dives here - lots of fish, interesting bottom topology and a giant pacific octopus. Stay alert - it gets deep fast and the current can change quickly here.

12/02/2001 Nick (Avg: 3.01 Review) - I enjoyed diving this site. There was plenty to see. The vis wasn't the greatest when I was there. But that can change with the conditions. Good place to bring a light to look into the crevices. I only made one dive here, but could easily spend some time really exploring the site.

10/07/2001 B Jackson (Avg: 2.27 Review) - Otherwise known as the KVI fishing reef. This should be considered an intermediate to advanced dive site because of the depth. Often visited by local dive charters, often it can be busy. A very large artificial reef that mostly has been fished out of the big fish. There is still plenty to see if the visibility is good. Current can be strong so watch the tides carefully and live boat this site.


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Aerial at The Tower 

The Tower on Vashon Island

Last Verification: July, 2001  


Diver Averages for  The Tower  (1=worst, 5=best)

Average Site Condition

Ease of Shore Entry:  1.86
Bottom Conditions:  3.57
Reef Conditions:  3.86
Animal Life:  3.86
Plant Life:  3.14
Facilities:  1.86
Solitude 2.86
Roads:  2.57
*Site Average:  3.17

Average Enjoyment Level

Snorkel:  1.43
Beginner Scuba:  2.57
Intermediate Scuba:  3.86
Advanced Scuba:  4.00
Night diving Scuba:  3.86

Number of reviews for this site: 7


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