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Titlow Beach

Titlow Beach
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Site Review by
 Eric 'Biz' Adsit
Date: 11/16/2006


Site Condition
(1=worst, 5=best)

Name:  Eric 'Biz' Adsit Entry:    3.00
Email:   Click Here Bottom:    3.00
City:   La Porte Reef:    3.00
State:   TX Animal:    4.00
Country:   USA Plant:    4.00
Diving:   1 years Facilities:    5.00
 Dives:   24 Solitude   3.00
    Roads:    5.00


*Average:    3.60
I have just gotten very involved with diving. My buddy and I were bored of Sunny Side Beach; don't get me wrong as it is a great place to hang out, but we wanted something different. So we look up Titlow, and read a few reviews. It was a new place and a night dive, so it should be interesting. The visibility was poor from all the rain and run off at Sunny Side, but we gave it a try anyways. We didn't know the area, but we got in and were going to go around the pilings. The current would take us straight to the bundle of pilings. Well that didn't work. I was actually getting mad and frustrated from drifting and getting too far from my partner. I noticed that my partner started shining his light everywhere trying to locate me, so I swam to him and he looked a little worried but not panicked. So we came up to talk and he asked me repeatedly "Did you see it", but couldn't really describe what he saw. He just knew it was about his size and swam very fast. I was about to call the dive and we swam to the shore. We talked about it for a little bit longer and decided we didn't want to waste good air. So we started diving in the shallows until we came across a yellow rope. The rope was in the direction of the Bundle of Pier Pilings, so If you walk under towards the under belly of the dock/patio and line the pilings up towards the Bundle of Pilings, that is where you want to go in. I took lead. I was about 8-10ft from the end of the rope when I saw the massive amounts of White Plumose Anemones. And then I saw it. I am not going to lie; it startled me on the first pass. The second pass I could see clearly it was the 2 Pacific Harbor Seals. After searching around, we noticed they were doing laps around us. It was different and worrisome because it was a new experience, but at the same time it seemed like they were just keeping an eye on us checking us out, almost comforting. So this dive that was about to end because of current and frustration, turned into a very awesome experience. I have been to Sunny Side Beach, Les Davis, and Delco Wall and I have to say when the current it not bad at Titlow Park, it is an awesome dive site for all levels of diving. I am still searching for the two Wolfies. Check out Titlow; it will be worth it.    

Enjoyment Level

Snorkel:    1.00
Beginner:    4.00
Intermediate:    5.00
Advanced:    3.00
Night diving:    4.00

Seasonal Information

Season:    Winter
Year:    2006
Visibility:    3.00
Current:    1.00
Surf:    3.00

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