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05/15/2005        4.07      Mokule'ia Maui, Hawaiian Islands
Very good!
09/16/2003        2.79      Yaquina John Point Oregon, USA West
Sure it is a crabby place. Went there on August 2, 2003. My 8-cells flashlight was giving me just barely enough light at 30'-35' to get crabs. Actually it was more like a night dive. Go on low tide slack. Just jump into the water from one of the rocks and go down. Interesting, that I've got the biggest males at 15'-they were hiding in the sand!
09/17/2002        3.67      Three Graces Oregon, USA West
I was diving there again on 9/15/02: at 11am vis was 25-35ft, tons of fishes. Speared rockfish, got eight 7 inch crabs (!). On second dive current was really strong (2 hours after high tide). Beautiful plant life. First time saw there a Stonefish. Have your float on the surface- boats come close. Don't forget about hand truck w/air tires, or you will have to carry your tanks and gear for 100 yards.
08/20/2002        1.45      Barview Park Oregon, USA West
Didn't like it at all in June 2002: more fishermen than fishes and boats were speeding really close. Made two dives: at the tower and at park jetty. Vis was 2-4 feet. Difficult entry and exit. Tons of fishing lines and lures all around the rocks. I will not go there again.
08/19/2002        3.02      Fingers Oregon, USA West
I was diving there on Aug.4,5,6 of 2002. Got 14lbs and 8lbs lingcod, 5lbs rockfish, good crabs. Visibility was 10 to 2 ft (on 8/6/02). Guy on 5th finger got 25lbs lingcod. Good fishes are on 3rd and 4th fingers. Use float with dive flag: many fishermen, especially during weekends, are fishing both from shore and from boats. Try to be in the water around high tide. Current is pretty strong about an hour after that. Have your knife with you-a lot of fishing lines down there! Nice big rocks at 24-37ft and fishes are between them.
07/22/2002        2.70      Three Graces Oregon, USA West
I was diving at Three Graces on 7/12/02 and 7/20/02. Both times visibility was 4-8ft with 8 at the bottom. Best way to get crabs and good clams: surface swim to the second rock and drop down to 37-42ft. No lingcod, just few rockfishes. Take flashlight. Dive at high tide, since shore entry is difficult at low tide. Have your hand truck with air tires with you: it's about 70 yards walk on crashed rocks along the railroad way.

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