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04/05/2002        3.50      Seacrest Park Washington, USA West
The shore entry here is extremely easy. Seacrest has no currents to speak of and is a fantastic night dive. Be aware there is lots of junk on the bottom and people fishing nearby. I've had to cut my buddy loose from tangled fishing line. Almost every night dive here I've seen seals chasing the fish in my dive light. This is also one of the few spots where six-gill sharks are often seen. The best chance for a six-gill sighting is deeper than 60 feet at night.
01/18/2002        3.34      Tacoma Narrows Washington, USA West
The Narrows is a great dive for advanced divers, and requires a live boat. Strong currents are a constant hazard. The combination of currents, depth, and poor visibility has killed divers here, but care and preparation can reward you with a great dive -- lots of wolf eels and octopus in the rocky habitat along the shore, and often dog shark sightings around the bridge supports. Several dive charter operations in the area regularly visit the Narrows.
11/12/2001        3.85      Sunrise Beach Park Washington, USA West
I've dove this site over 100 times in all seasons over the last 5 years. As its popularity has increased, the life and diversity have taken a hit, but it's still a great shore dive. Know the tide tables and follow them. Downdrafts can be strong. I was here once when a diver missed slack and drowned in strong currents.

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