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12/06/2002        3.49      Magic Island Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
To think that somebody would say "Hawaii" and "Bad Vis" in the same sentence amazes me… Too many people take for granted what so many would kill for… I originally hated this site… Nothing to do, nothing to see… Kind of murky in the main entrance area, compared to the rest of the site… If you can put up with the fact that they're dredging the Ala Wai and make your way out to the main water, you're in for a good dive. Not recommended after a good rain though; lots of stuff in the water (Sticks, etc) from the dredging operation. If it's in high tide, you don't even need to go through that area though. Go out through the left-most access in the snorkeling lagoon and head a little left. A nice wall (Small, comparatively speaking) but still nice… Stay clear of the channel and bring a flag (Although we always bring flags, right?) because boats travel fast and all they have to see is the flag. Good dive site if you want something to do when all the stuff on the North Shore is closed out.

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