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12/02/2003        3.38      The Tower Washington, USA West
Also called KVI Tower, I have not done this as a shore dive, but this is one of my favorite boat dives. It's an artificial reef that is home to lot's of life. It's not hard to find gpo's here, usually several in a single dive. Wolf eels can be common here as well. Bring a good light and take your time looking in and under all of the structures, there's a lot to be found here.
12/02/2003        2.98      Mukilteo T-Dock Washington, USA West
This is a good site for all skill levels. Many Open Water classes are done here due to the lack of current and shallower depths just off shore, but it also drops off fast. You can easily hit 140'+ in no time. Lot's of tech training is done here as well due to the depths you can reach rather quickly and easily. The Geodome and troll are fun to see and there is usually a good amount of life here.
12/02/2003        3.51      Seacrest Park Washington, USA West
There truly is something for everyone at this site. This site is not current sensitive, so you will find lots and lots of open water classes here on the weekends. There's the "Honey Bear", a small boat wreck where you can usually find an octopus or two hanging out in at only 45fsw or so. There's the I-beams which are between about 85fsw to 100fsw, and there's always the boundary line as well. A nice tour that starts in Cove 2 and ends in Cove 3. Watch your air should you take the boundary line tour. You'll be at 100-110fsw for quite some time, often going into deco. Saw my only six gill shark here. As someone else mentioned, this is one of the best places in the world to see six gill sharks. Be careful not to venture inside the boundary line. It marks off the water taxi path and the city has threatened to close this area to diving due to divers invading the water taxi path.
04/09/2002        2.60      Fox Island Washington, USA West
Time your entry perfectly! Current can rip here, very unexpectedly. Also, be prepared for a hike before and after the dive. The wall is pretty uneventful, actually there are 2 walls. The first wall start at 15' and goes to 35'. Then a second, smaller wall starts at 50' and goes to about 80'. There isn't a whole lot of life at this site, but we did manage to find 3 octos and a wolf eel on a dive here. We saw one octo on the lower wall, one on the upper wall, and one on the shelf above the upper wall, so the life doesn't seem to be limited to one area. The dive would've been pretty uneventful had we not found the octos, but it's worth doing. I'll probably do it again, after my calves stop hurting from the hike!
03/25/2002        2.86      Five Caves Maui, Hawaiian Islands
Great site for beginner, intermediate, and advanced divers, depending on what you choose to do. The toughest part of the dive is the entry at 5 Graves. It's a rocky entry which will present a challenge if there is surf. If surf is bad, I would enter at Makena Landing just up the road, much easier. If your air consumption is good try starting at 5 Graves and exit at Makena Landing. Allow yourself at least 45 minutes, it took us 75 minutes, but we were moving very leisurely. We saw 5 turtles, 3 white-tip sharks (including an 8-10' pregnant female), and a turtle cleaning station. Lot's of caves and swim-throughs, you could do this dive 10 times and not see it all. The locals dive shops have maps of the site. Go early in the morning though, this place gets PACKED after 9 or 10am. Vis is great until the crowds come. Many boats do their last dive here after Molikini, but it's an easy shore dive, just take your time entering.
03/25/2002        2.97      Ulua Beach Maui, Hawaiian Islands
Great night dive spot! An easy entry, good amount of parking, showers and restrooms...A nice relaxing spot for a dive. Lot's of life including manta rays, octopus, lobsters, etc. This is a great dive spot for newer divers and a lot of open water classes are done here. This is a good night dive for intermediate or even advanced diver as well.

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