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10/23/2007        3.98      Pu'u Olai Beach Maui, Hawaiian Islands
Oct.11-17,07. This report refers to snorkeling only (no diving this trip). We have snorkeled the reef north of Little Beach for many years and this visit was as great as ever. We feel this is the best snorkeling on the island and in our top 3 for the state. Every day this visit we found amazing things on one particular coral head just 2 minutes kick from the sandy beach to the right (north). The first day a Snowflake Moray Eel; 2nd day a Devil Scorpionfish; 3rd day Zebra & Snowflake Moray Eels; 4th day a Whitemouth Moray Eel; 5th day Zebra, Snowflake & Whitemouth Moray Eels! The 5th day was so much better because we went in the morning instead of the afternoon when the conditions were calmer and the tide was high. Also of note: Octopus, Spotted Eagle Ray swimming north, almost every butterflyfish in the book, 6 honu and more. This beach is our favorite place to watch the sunset; take a flashlight so you don't have to rush back over the rocks to Big Beach. The drum festival every Sunday afternoon is very entertaining. No facilities. Take drinking water.
10/07/2006        3.21      Haloa Point Maui, Hawaiian Islands
Sept.24,2006. 31FSW/81*/30'vis. A beautiful, sandy beach entry with reef to your left. Surface swam to the 2nd point of lava across a sandy bottom where we saw 2 Blackside Razorfish. Took a heading of 180* to follow the reef and anchored a dive flag in 18'FSW. There's a lot of broken coral here, but also goodies hidden in the rubble like Snowflake and Zebra Moray Eel and Cowrie shells. There are many Honu (Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle) getting cleaned by Lavender Tang and Milletseed Butterfly, and Juvenile Dragon (Rockmover) Wrasse drifting with the surge near the shore. No facilities.
10/07/2006        3.19      Koloa Landing Kauai, Hawaiian Islands
Sept.15,19&20,2006. 35-45FSW/81*/0-50'vis. SSW swell of 4'-6' stirred up vis and even cancelled a couple of shore dives for us. Even with the surf, the landing was still divable these 3 days. It had been 2 years since we were here last and the road was more rutted than ever. Low clearance sedans may bottom out. With a very short walk, you can park on the road and walk down to the landing. All of the usual suspects were there (see our 2004 report) along with some new sightings for us. Our first day the surf was 3-4' and vis was 50'. The large Honu (Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle) and Dragon Moray Eel were highlights. The second day the vis was poor but not too poor to watch a Spotted Eagle Ray circle overhead as we anchored the dive flag at 25FSW. Guess it felt a little protected with the low vis? Surge was heavy today with many leaves blown/washed into the cove. One leaf that wasn't moving caught our attention and turned out to be a Leaf Scorpionfish (black) on the right side of the landing. The third day the surge was less and the vis seemed better to the left of landing. Here we found our first of two Tiger Moray Eels. Still a wonderful shore dive with friendly dive masters and students to keep you company. Mornings are more busy than afternoons. Thanks to Sea Sport Divers for convenient and reliable rentals.
10/07/2006        3.92      Makena Landing Maui, Hawaiian Islands
Sept.22,25&27,2006. 31-34FSW/81*/5-60'vis. The first day our vis was the best. Many Honu (Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle) throughout the dive. The first cave yielded 2 sleeping White Tip Reef Sharks and another in the second cave. Our second day here our objective was to surface swim around the point to the right of the landing until we were in front of the 3rd house south of the graveyard where we would anchor the dive flag. (We figured this was where we had to turn around on our last dive.) The new territory was full of fingers of lava that appeared to be old lava tubes with the tops gone. The vis was down to 25-35' but surge not bad. Thanks to the divers who were exiting as we entered the ocean who reported seeing a frogfish near 5 graves. We found the 8" pale gray green Commerson's Frogfish sitting with his back to us on a ledge. It never moved as we studied it for the longest time. Dwarf, Whitemouth, Yellowmargin Moray and possible Green Moray? Anyone ever seen a Green Moray in Hawaii? More caves holding more Honu the farther around we went. Our 3rd dive here was the most amazing! We entered the ocean at 1213 but it was very overcast with dark clouds and onshore winds stirring up the vis (5-25'). In about 10FSW our friend VW alerted us to a Snowflake Moray out hunting. Shortly afterward we found several Dwarf and a Stout Moray hunting. They must have thought it was dusk since it was so dark. It was truly amazing to see these moray out swimming in the middle of the day. Never a bad day at Makena Landing!!! The cold showers and restrooms are still there.
10/07/2006        3.89      Honolua Bay Maui, Hawaiian Islands
Sept.26,2006. 36FSW/81*/5-50'vis. FORGET ABOUT THE HIKE DOWN AND DO WHAT WE DID! Sorry to yell but we had to get your attention:-) Thanks to Maui Dive Shop in Kihei for telling us about this entry. We were able to drive right up to the bay, park in a safe place and walk geared up across black sand and a few small rocks. Drive past the overlook, past the "Honk Horn" sign, over a white, single lane bridge and turn left immediately after crossing bridge. Pull up to the wooden gate which is not locked. Undo cable, drive in, close gate, redo cable and drive down a forested, smooth road until you see the family who lives here & who maintain the port-a-potty. They ask for a monetary donation to park and use the facilities. Please do this graciously and thank them for the privilege of using their property. It makes diving here so easy! We surface swam out about 200 yards and stayed to the left of the middle of the bay. The reef became visible when a utility pole was on our right and a small ravine on our left. Snorkeling would be good here as the top of the reef was at 10-15'FSW and the vis much better than close to shore. We anchored the dive flag at 16'FSW and just followed the reef. The variety of fish was great here including Scale-eating and Ewa Blennies backing into their worm holes to hide from us. Dwarf & Whitemouth Moray Eels were abundant. We rounded the point and started to enter the next bay called Mokuleia but the coral and fish declined and we turned around to go back the way we came. Suddenly, we could hear dolphins squealing and clicking and they were getting louder. The two dozen Spinner Dolphin cruised by us about 50' away, spinning and jumping out of the water as they went by. Maui No Ka Oi! (Maui is the best!) Take drinking water.
10/18/2004        3.81      Makena Landing Maui, Hawaiian Islands
Oct. 12,2004 35'FSW/81*F/30'-40'vis. Still stirred up after surf on the 10th. Finding the caves today was harder than last year with the lower vis. Could only see one 4.5' Whitetip Reef Shark in cave but could have been more? Finally got to see an octopus along with Undulated & Whitemouth Moray eels, Fantail Filefish, juv. Peacock Razorfish, Indigo Dartfish, Hawaiian Hogfish, adult Dragon Wrasse and at least 12 Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles (one with many tumor-like growths.) Surface swim around point with dive flag until you see the silver ladder on the rocks. Drop in here to find first cave. Nice coral and good cavern when there is little surge.
10/18/2004        3.07      Black Sand Beach Maui, Hawaiian Islands
Oct.13,2004 28'/81*F/30-40'vis. Watched 2 divers exit from a very small slot between rocks (across from tree at parking area.) Entry can be tricky and don't suggest it for beginners. We surface swam (over gorgeous coral) left toward point for 1/4 mile where we anchored dive flag in 25' FSW. We followed the coast (into a mild current) around quite a ways where it was mostly rocks, broken lava tubes and not much coral. We saw many whitemouth morays and a zebra moray. We turned around and cruised back with the current. We had enough air to explore the coral back to the beach and it was really fantastic. Near the beach we saw several Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles and another Zebra Moray. We aligned ourselves with the tree (and the car) and found the exit point. BTW, we tried to dive this spot again the next day but the waves were too big. A nice place for snorkelers and divers. Road a little rough but no 4x4 needed. No facilities but there are porta potties at the next beach.
10/18/2004        3.26      Koloa Landing Kauai, Hawaiian Islands
Oct. 3&4,2004 36-42'FSW/80-81*F/70'vis. Short, bumpy road but 4x4 not required. If this area is full, drop gear off and park on the road. The entry couldn't be easier! We did 3 dives here and definitely prefer going to the right of the entry. The left had very little coral and a few fish. The right was full of a variety of coral and fish. DRAGON, DWARF, UNDULATED, WHITE MOUTH AND YELLOW MARGIN MORAYS. To find the Dragon Moray, look for its black/white spotted body folded into the holes of the coral heads at about 15' FSW. Then you can look for its head which is an incredible sight. We always saw its head lower than its folded body (not sticking out like other morays). There is a cement block in the middle of the bay at 15' FSW to anchor dive flag. Tanks and weights rented at Seasport Divers .3 mile away. Ask for extra O-rings as 2 of our tanks needed new ones.
10/18/2004        3.61      Wailea Beach Maui, Hawaiian Islands
Oct. 10,2004 32'FSW/81*F/40'vis. South swell has stirred things up and Makena Landing with breaking surf in bay. This beach entry is easy and coral is beautiful even in low vis conditions. Anchored dive flag in 20' FSW and headed due west. There was a fair amount of surge even as we got further from the point and didn't see too much. Two scrambled egg nudibranchs were cool as well as several Potter's Angelfish. After an hour, we called it quits. Still, an average day of diving beats going to work! Out and back navigation was easy.
10/18/2004        3.70      Sheraton Caverns Kauai, Hawaiian Islands
Oct. 5, 2004 60'FSW/80*F/60'vis. We had already done 3 dives at Koloa Landing and decided to make the surface swim from the landing to the caverns. (It would have been closer from the Sheraton's beach.) We felt good and the ocean was calm. DIVE FLAG A MUST! We never would have found the caverns if the dive boats hadn't been anchored there. It was a 40 minute swim (3/4 mile) at a relaxed pace; the coral improved greatly the deeper we got. We swam upwind of the boats and anchored the dive flag at 45'FSW. When we reached the caverns (fantastic swim-thrus, not caves), we had them to ourselves. There were at least 6 large Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles sleeping under the ledges with large Tiger Cowrie shells decorating the sandy bottom. We saw too many fish to mention and even saw a Dwarf Moray out for a little swim. These caverns were very roomy and lots of light for good vis. A highly recommended boat dive. The swim back was easier as we had the wind to our backs. We even saved enough air to find the dragon moray again at Koloa Landing in the same coral head as the day before :-)
10/18/2004        3.64      Ulua Beach Maui, Hawaiian Islands
Oct. 9,2004 42'FSW/80-81*F/50'vis. Surface swim past first reef, past about 40' of sand to second reef. We towed our flag this time and explored second reef. We were treated to 6 turtles, ZEBRA & STOUT MORAYS swimming, speckled scorpion fish hiding in the antler coral and many reef fish. On the sand we saw Blackside & Peacock Razorfish that would dive into the sand if we got too close and a pair of Redspotted Sandperch. An easy dive with no navigational skills required.

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