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09/28/2007        3.42      Paradise Springs Florida, USA East
One of the most interesting spring dives. Must have lights, and heed the Grim Reaper sign around 100 feet. Loaded with fossils in an enormous cavern. Go during the week and have your buoyancy skills in good order to keep from stirring up the bottom silt.
09/28/2007        4.46      Shark Bay Exhibit At the Florida Aquarium Florida, USA East
If you get the chance to participate in this program do it, but it's not for the faint of heart. The very professional staff will provide you with some of the most informative training on sharks around, and then you will experience them literally face to face. Your family and friends can watch you at the same time so don't be afraid to come out of the cage! Not cheap but this is an experience of a lifetime.
02/04/2007        2.78      Venice Beach Florida, USA East
This is the place to get sharks teeth, well sort of anyway. We have been here twice and the first time the vis was OK at best but area was loaded with baby jelly fish. A book said that the teeth were at 18 feet, and it was right on the mark -- that is exactly where we started finding them. The second time here conditions were all wrong and vis was zero. Typical Gulf coast shore dive problem.
02/04/2007        3.27      Weeki Wachee Springs Florida, USA East
I had been wanting to dive this site for a while, but made it a priority after reading about all the problems the park is having, wondering how much longer it will be open. Like a lot of the springs, it is not real big, but a nice easy dive in a beautiful spot. You get to dive all the mermaid props before and/or after the show. You also get to play around in the water park and enjoy the shows. Very good way to spend a day or weekend, with a reasonable hotel right across the street. We will do this again for sure, probably one of the night dives hosted by them. Check out the website.
02/04/2007        3.85      Rainbow River Florida, USA East
This is a very beautiful river drift dive. Vis is unlimited, great for an easy summer afternoon drift, brush up or check out new equipment. It's not really a shore dive. We went with American Pro Divers out of Crystal River, up the river with a pontoon boat, then had a relaxing drift back down. Plenty of fish (check out the Gar Hole), and lots of plant life. No challenges here, but will do it again for sure.
02/04/2007        3.54      Coki Beach St Thomas, Caribbean
I dived here as part of a cruise ship excursion. The outfitters sucked, but the site was great. Very easy, lots of pretty reef and some cool critters. This is a popular beach for snorkelers, so very crowded until you get some depth and away from shore. Not sure we would do this site again, but it was worth it once for sure.
02/02/2007        4.60      Epcot Dive Quest Florida, USA East
I've been here twice. It's expensive but will one day do it again! Fantastic staff, top shelf like everything else at Disney. You can not imagine how cool it is to become part of the show. Lots of critters, perfect conditions.
02/02/2007        3.35      Forty Fathom Grotto Florida, USA East
Third time to the Grotto. This is a premier training site with a premier staff. You must be accompanied by an instructor. It really is 40 fathoms (240 feet) deep! The Narcosis Management training program here is First Class! I plan to make this an annual training site.
02/02/2007        3.70      Devil's Den Florida, USA East
Very cool site and some of the nicest folks around. Words cannot describe this underground cavern; you have to see their website and visit for yourself. You need lights for sure but there is plenty to see and explore. Go early before a lot of other divers stir up the bottom and reduce the outstanding vis.
02/02/2007        2.90      Lake Denton Florida, USA East
Good ol' Lake Denton. This popular beginners training site is often made fun of, but it's not bad if you live in Central Florida and need someplace to grab a quick dip. Often pretty crowded with OW classes, they have a navigation course that could be handy. Not sure if the locals are really fond of all the traffic, but it is off the beaten path.
02/02/2007        3.13      Blue Grotto Florida, USA East
Top notch facility, great training site, but not much to see from a recreational point of view. Very few fish or plant life. Excellent training platforms and the air bell is cool. Advanced and Deep diver will like the nearly 100 ft area, but untrained divers should avoid.
02/02/2007        3.70      Ginnie Springs Florida, USA East
A legendary site with many options. Here at the main springs you have an opportunity to dive into a cave environment without much of the dangers, and, for the real die-hard cave divers, one of the best sites around. Excellent shop, great folks.
02/02/2007        3.62      Alexander Springs Florida, USA East
Very nice Florida State Park with lots of swimmers. Not much depth but lots of beauty. You will need to rinse your hair and gear well afterwards due to the sand in the boil. Fun dive with little or no challenge.

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