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11/29/2001        3.48      Sunrise Beach Park Washington, USA West
The main thing to remember, DIVE DURING SLACK! There is no other way to dive this site. If done during slack, this is a FANTASTIC dive. With some luck, you will find more wolf eels and octos here on one dive then any other location. There have even been some six-gill sightings here before. Be sure to walk in the water as you make you way to the point. This is private land (from water line up). Please be respectful of the locals. Also, save some energy for the hike back up. It is a killer after a dive.
11/29/2001        3.33      Don Armini Ramp Washington, USA West
This is an active boat ramp! So that means use caution when diving here. Decide which side of the launch you want to dive and stick to it. Do not cross the boat launch. I believe there are rules against diving within so many feet of a live boat launch. So keep that in mind. There are rock walls extending in both directions of this launch. The best thing to do is not enter at the launch, but to the south, at the very end of the parking lot. Try to avoid ascending far from shore, come up the shore line. This can be a decent dive if done properly.
11/29/2001        3.73      Seacrest Park Washington, USA West
This is an all around great dive. It can be dove at any time as current is not an issue in this protected harbor. You really have to do a lot of exploring to see it all. I have over 100 dives in just this one spot. Sometimes as many as 4 giant pacific octos on 1 dive. Not to mention the best spot in the world to find the rare six-gill shark. With an agreement worked out with the city, there is no diving within 150ft of the dock (small passenger ferry uses it). But thanks to the work of a dedicated groups of scuba divers, there is a fantastic rope boundary around it. Just following the rope is a great dive. Check out Seacrest, you wont be disappointed. Also, there are bays on either side that are great dives as well.
11/29/2001        3.00      Mukilteo Oil Dock Washington, USA West
This is best done as a night dive in my opinion (be sure to bring 2 lights!). This site requires a long swim out to the dock. Calculate slack accurately or you will hate life. Walk along the beach until you are closest to the middle of the dock. Begin the long surface swim out. Be sure to take a accurate compass reading back to shore. Once you arrive at the dock descend and begin your dive. Explore inside and around the pilings. Leave enough air to make your way back to shore underwater. There are some interesting things you will come across.
11/29/2001        3.25      Alki Beach Park Washington, USA West
Also knows as Alki Junkyard. Be careful of the current in this area. Dives farther south (Seacrest etc) in Alki are not effected by currents, but this location can get very bad if you miscalculate. The only worthwhile spot to dive is at the end of the walkway before the condos start. Dive locations down near the cement wall are desert dives and are mainly done for classes and such things (although a good place to find skates). Over the years divers have created artificial reefs using misc things (computers, toilets, shopping carts, engines, and many other objects). There are even some rope trails going in recently to help guide you around. If done during slack this is a good beginner dive. Be sure to spend some time in the eel grass on the way back spotting critters you might not otherwise see (clingfish and such).
05/15/2001        4.20      Place of Refuge The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
This was my favorite site on the Island. Easy to get to and well worth it. The amount of marine life was incredible. Even the coral was in good shape, which was a surprise since this site was so accessible. This should be a must do on everyone's list.

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