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05/10/2007        3.14      Twin Lakes Scuba Park Texas, USA Mid
This is a great place to bring students. They have platforms 20" below that they can stand on. There is a price on getting in, but this site isn't bad for a freshwater dive in Texas. There is a large sunken boat and an RV Trailer that you can explore. I recommend diving it during the week because of all the people that stir up the silt during the weekend. Like I said, it is a great place for bringing students. Bottom temp is pretty cold, so I recommend at least wearing a shortie. It was a great site, and I do recommend it this site to others.
01/22/2007        4.43      Les Davis Fishing Pier, Tacoma Washington, USA West
Don't let the cold weather fool you. The Water Feels GREAT. A great place to dive is still Les Davis Pier. With the new stairs going down to the water and the very short walk to the stairs from the FREE PARKING you couldn't ask for more. Out of the 3 times I have dived there, there has been abundant of life. The concrete slabs that lay on the bottom have tons of White Plumoses and Sea Stars. I have even encountered a 3 foot Spiny Dogfish, as well. We dove down and hit an azimuth towards the buoy. We had a great dive recognizing certain perch and sea urchins. As we turned around to head back we had a little visitor. Sammy the Seal decided to poke up and say Hello. He swam between us and only 3 feet away from us. After he was bored with us we decided to swim to shore. The currents are not bad here but always check the Tide Chart before hand. I recommend not diving after a heavy rain here because the run off makes Visibility very poor. That night visibility was an easy 20 feet. I have not dived this site during the day but it is an excellent dive at night. There are fewer fishermen and more parking at night. Besides The Dark Side is so much more fun.
12/19/2006        4.38      Titlow Beach Washington, USA West
Titlow has been astonishing on every one of my dives there. There is a great little restaurant right on the water where you will be parking called Steamers. It is great to do multiple dives and as you wait between dives, you have a place to relax and socialize. Out of respect, before we park in their parking lot, we always ask permission to park their. This is a great shore dive because of the life. If you want to learn about different species of life under the sea, this is a great place to go and learn. I also recommend more than just a team of two divers. Not only are you sharing your experience with more divers, but you are playing it safe because of the current. We finish gearing up and walk down to the water. The air temperature is 32 degrees and dropping so I recommend a dry suit this time of year, but I like my wetsuit. There are a total of 4 of us diving. The newest member to our group hasn't dove since he received his basic open water certificate. In other words, he is real new. We dropped in and followed the yellow rope to the bundle of pilings. The tide was out so we only hit 30 feet at the piling. There was hardly any noticeable current as we journeyed out. On our way we found multiple Sunflower and Molted Sea Stars. There were Kelp and Dungeness crabs everywhere. (Sorry but there is no crabbing or taking of any of the marine plants and animals from Titlow, which is a good thing so there will always be life there.) The White Plumose Anemones are spectacular. Our goal was to swim out and around the bundles of pilings. As we went to the left of the bundle and started to venture out and behind the pilings there were schools of Tubesnout Fish. I was just waiting for our Pacific Harbor Seals to be feeding there but they never came. We swam through the school of fish. I was surprised they were not scared of us. Back home if we sat in the river, the minnows would come and nibble on you. It was just annoying because you had to keep moving in the river. Well these Tubesnout Fish would start nibbling at your suit here and there. If you aren't use to it, the situation might be a little uncomfortable but you are completely safe. After swimming past the school we hit the right side of the piling. The current picked up out of nowhere and we went through the piling pretty quick (it was safe). The current carried us back to the left side of the pilings. So we surfaced and headed back to shore. The water temperature was 38 degrees so we were about to call the dive. We talked it out and noticed the current let up. We were going to swim out and around the single pilings (Bone Yard). As we were at the end, one of the divers noticed a baby Red Octopus hiding in the Kelp. After we watched him scurry and swim off we decided it had been an hour and it was time to warm up. It was a great night dive and our beginner had a time of his life. If you want a place where you will never be disappointed, come over to the dark side, Titlow Night Dive.
11/16/2006        3.60      Titlow Beach Washington, USA West
I have just gotten very involved with diving. My buddy and I were bored of Sunny Side Beach; don't get me wrong as it is a great place to hang out, but we wanted something different. So we look up Titlow, and read a few reviews. It was a new place and a night dive, so it should be interesting. The visibility was poor from all the rain and run off at Sunny Side, but we gave it a try anyways. We didn't know the area, but we got in and were going to go around the pilings. The current would take us straight to the bundle of pilings. Well that didn't work. I was actually getting mad and frustrated from drifting and getting too far from my partner. I noticed that my partner started shining his light everywhere trying to locate me, so I swam to him and he looked a little worried but not panicked. So we came up to talk and he asked me repeatedly "Did you see it", but couldn't really describe what he saw. He just knew it was about his size and swam very fast. I was about to call the dive and we swam to the shore. We talked about it for a little bit longer and decided we didn't want to waste good air. So we started diving in the shallows until we came across a yellow rope. The rope was in the direction of the Bundle of Pier Pilings, so If you walk under towards the under belly of the dock/patio and line the pilings up towards the Bundle of Pilings, that is where you want to go in. I took lead. I was about 8-10ft from the end of the rope when I saw the massive amounts of White Plumose Anemones. And then I saw it. I am not going to lie; it startled me on the first pass. The second pass I could see clearly it was the 2 Pacific Harbor Seals. After searching around, we noticed they were doing laps around us. It was different and worrisome because it was a new experience, but at the same time it seemed like they were just keeping an eye on us checking us out, almost comforting. So this dive that was about to end because of current and frustration, turned into a very awesome experience. I have been to Sunny Side Beach, Les Davis, and Delco Wall and I have to say when the current it not bad at Titlow Park, it is an awesome dive site for all levels of diving. I am still searching for the two Wolfies. Check out Titlow; it will be worth it.

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