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03/25/2019        3.00      Ulua Beach Maui, Hawaiian Islands
Short review: I have completed quite a few dives so this dive was pretty uneventful. One of our kids was doing his open water here, so my wife, son, and I did this. Facilities are perfect, entry is easy, but underwater life is pretty uneventful. Turtles, frog fish, lots of trumpet. Great dive for those new to diving. Tip: We rented tanks/weights from B&B Scuba (Brad) in north Kihei. A bit dry, but very nice, knowledgeable, and supportive. 10 tanks plus weight and a BC only came to $100.
03/25/2019        3.00      Makena Landing Maui, Hawaiian Islands
Did this dive two times, once in the late morning and once early AM. Late morning dive was crazy. Tons of cars, people, snorkelers, etc. Very crowded location; lots of locals enjoy this beach, then combined with all the touristy snorkelers and kayakers it becomes a mess. When we dove there were two big cats anchored, each bringing in about 30 snorkelers, so private it was not. I think there was also a swell in south Maui so viz wasn't very good either. Saw turtles, puffer, and eels. Main value is when you are conservative with air and have enough time for the swim throughs around the tip. Recommend only doing when low/no surf because the best content is tight to the reef which is pretty shallow. Any surges can make it difficult to enjoy.
03/25/2019        3.00      Pu'u Olai Beach Maui, Hawaiian Islands
NOTE: Not good for kids or weak divers. There is one heck of a walk to the beach, through hard and soft sand. I ended up carrying my 11 yo's tank/BC. Feels like a mile, but probably more like 1/2 mile. A wagon would have helped, but with the soft sand it'll need big tires. Beautiful beach. Definitely a good one to bring non-divers to relax on the beach. The parking lot gets busy early. I'd recommend being in the parking lot by 10am to get a spot. I'd also recommend bringing a big cooler, umbrella, and beach towels to enjoy the beach after the dive, it is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island, and big enough to have moderate privacy. Dive: Tons and tons of fish. Great variety, lost of stuff my son hadn't seen before. We entered on the right side close to the rock. It was pretty rough and the water had some strong surges, so made it tough for my son to enjoy. We also couldn't get close to the tip of the rock because of it. Nothing real exciting for me, surely not worth the hike from the parking lot. Maybe as a first dive with no surge then it would have been better. Tip: No showers or facilities so we stopped at makena landing on the way home to clean our gear.
03/25/2019        3.00      Black Sand Beach Maui, Hawaiian Islands
Disclaimer: I actually did this as a boat dive. I did a 2-tank with Ed Robinson's and this was our second dive after Molokini Wall. They dropped us in about 200 yards off the shore near the south shore, then we swam around the point where they picked us up. This was a decent dive with good life. Ed's recommends this as a boat dive because of potential current that could, 'Sweep you out to Tahiti.' It was nice as a boat dive because we could just keep diving and they picked us up at a different point, preventing the typical out/back format. For content, some great viz, lots of fish, good coral formations, couple eels, and a couple blowfish.

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