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03/26/2009        3.10      Ol' Blue Bonaire North, ABC Islands
Just an update on the entry. Omar (2008) scoured many sites, Ol' Blue included. The small cliff is now steeper, but on the south end there is a ramp of rubble down to a small sandy beach with a very easy entry.
03/26/2009        3.31      Oil Slick Leap Bonaire North, ABC Islands
Staying at the Caribbean Club this is the nearest site, so we took advantage of it. Omar (2008) really scoured the top of the bluff. Where there was once a little soil is now very pitted and rocky making your way to the jump off. Still a good site. There were a couple of octopus living in the cliff near the ladder.
04/12/2005        3.48      Andrea II Bonaire North, ABC Islands
Dove the last week of March. I was with a group that included both snorkelers and divers and this site was great for both. I was surprised that this was not crowded. The coral starts very shallow so divers should take care to avoid damaging the live coral. We all had a great time, finding many Eyed Flounder among the shallow patch reef. On the reef were many Spotted Drum and Sergeant Majors showing egg guarding color and behavior. We crossed paths with a mixed school of Blue Tang, Surgeonfish with a couple of Trumpet fish hiding in the middle that was busy mobbing patches protected by damselfish. I was surprised to see my first Chain Moray peering at me from under a ledge. It was an enjoyable site for both snorkelers and divers for watching fish behavior.
04/05/2005        3.94      Bari Reef Bonaire North, ABC Islands
Friends and I went the last week of March which is not ideal for avoiding crowds. Even then, while busy, Bari Reef was not overly crowded. I found that only the snorkelers and enthusiasts were investigating the flats where we observed a Shortnose Batfish, various Blennys living in chunks of rubble and Yellowhead Jawfish in the sand. At night the Tube Anemones were out and one of us photographed a nice Goldspotted Eel out hunting in the sand. I found this a great reef for shrimp; besides Banded Coral Shrimp and Pederson's Cleaner Shrimp in their usual habitats, there were Squat Anemone Shrimp living in flealike abundance on an anemone.
11/14/2003        3.81      Weber's Joy Bonaire North, ABC Islands
A short walk down a few stairs provided us with a very easy entry. We were diving very early in the morning during the "shift change" on the reef because we were flying out the next day and wanted a shallow, final, dive. While not as colorful as some other reefs on the island, the invertebrates were out and the squirrelfishes were not hiding. Came across many Pederson Cleaner Shrimp, all on Corkscrew Anemones. On one anemone there were three waving their antannae and swaying, advertising for business. Definately a nice spot for a shallow dive.
11/14/2003        4.31      Red Slave Bonaire South, ABC Islands
We wanted to revisit this site to see if it was a good as we remember it. We were lucky this time that conditions were calm as the rocky entry can be uncomfortable. The reef begins at 40 feet, so is a good spot for a deep dive followed by a shallower one. Save your air and kick out to the reef before descending. Red slave rekindled our rememberances of it. Passing schools of Black Durgons, French Grunts and Yellow Goatfish kept us company. The numerous sponges make this site very colorful and the reef is so steep it is almost like diving a wall. As we were waiting out our safety stop a Hawksbill turtle came cruising by. Diving here is delightful.
06/02/2003        4.53      Sipadan Malaysia, Pacific
What a place to begin diving! I was just certified and visited friends in Malaysia. We spent a week on Sipidan with Borneo Divers. Accommodations were simple but comfortable. The food and service was excellent. What could I say about the diving? I was dazzled by the variety of life on this reef. In the Caribbean one may spot a couple of turtles on a dive. Here you try to keep from swimming into them. During our stay about 5 turtles came ashore each night to lay eggs. Sipidan is one large wall dive! Once off the reef edge the slope plunges precipitously to the Celebes plain several thousands of feet below. Shore diving was delightful. I have not been anywhere else where one may wall dive just a short swim out. The currents around the island may be very swift, so shore diving away from the resorts is problematic. Drift dive these spots instead. Shore diving at night here was a real treat. First, you have to keep from bumping into the lion fish being attracted to your light. Along the wall, we saw nearly a dozen bumphead parrotfish tucked into the reef for the night.

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