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06/04/2009        4.43      Lahaina Pier (Mala Ramp) Maui, Hawaiian Islands
This is the best dive on the island. It's not uncommon to go under a local dive boat here. Easy parking, bathrooms and showers at end of parking lot. Walk in on the left side of the ramp, snorkel to the start of the pier. This dive is know for frog fish. I've seen as many as 5 in 1 dive. Creep up and down the pillars and look close. You'll find them. On some days white tip reefs, octopus, 7-11 crabs and eels in the coral at the end of the pier.
05/30/2009        4.25      Mahukona The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
Good dive, park on the pier, walk to the end and just fall in. Out to the right there is a small wreck. Lobster, eels, lots of fish. Ladder to get out. Hot shower to rinse. Paved parking lot so your feet don't get covered with sand.
05/30/2009        2.88      La Perouse Maui, Hawaiian Islands
Very poor vis. Some time down to 20'. They say this is known for dolphins, but you need to be there at sun rise and 1/2 mile from shore. We came out after 30min. The vis made feel like I was back in Monterey.
05/30/2009        4.71      Five Caves Maui, Hawaiian Islands
Must do dive. We didn't enter at the Graves. Were talking to some locals and they told us windows have been broken there. Enter at the beach (by the canoe rentals) on the south side. There's bathrooms, shower and plenty of parking. Enter at the sand beach, follow the shore line to the right. Several caves, one of which had a single white tip reef on the first day and 5 on the second day. One cave has an air pocket in the middle, large enough to pop up in and talk. Will do this one again.
05/30/2009        4.17      Puako Village End The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
Fun dive, bring a flashlight. Lots of overhangs and little caves. You don't cover much area because you find yourself digging in all the little pukas. Visibility wasn't the best but that didn't seem to matter.
05/30/2009        3.53      Polo Beach Maui, Hawaiian Islands
Good to check out. Pretty mellow dive. Easy beach walk in & out. Park 100' from the water. Compared to some other dives this one was just OK.
05/30/2009        3.99      Old Kona Airport beach The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
Best dive on the Island. We entered just south of the usual. Park by the hockey field, walk back to the small cove. If there's any swells, dump the dive, but on a calm day giant stride in and circle left around the points. Lots of swim throughs and caves. Several white tip reef sharks, eels, 2 octopi and a couple of turtles. To get out, toss up your weights, hand your BCD to your buddy and climb out. The one in the water hands every thing up. Cool adventure and a GREAT dive.
05/30/2009        4.70      Place of Refuge The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
Great dive with a big parking lot right there. Easy in and out. Got to get a picture of the ALOHA in the sand. Lots of life and great vis. You name it, you can find it here. Not only fun in the water but always people hanging out in the sun, good social spot between dives.
05/30/2009        4.41      Honolua Bay Maui, Hawaiian Islands
Great dive, did this dive 4 times during our trip. It's about a 500 yard walk from the car on a very clean, flat trail. Max depth is 34' on the outside. Dive starts in about 12' and slowly deepens as you round the corner on the right side. Once you reach the corner, climb up. That's were you find the turtle cleaning station. Along the way you see lots of turtles, yellow margin eels, spiny lobster, common octopus and 50 varieties of fish. Don't forget to keep your eyes on the sandy bottom. Not uncommon to see small spotted eagle rays.
05/01/2009        3.58      Breakwater Cove California North, USA West
I've been here when you're 1 of a 100 divers. Not fun. Today we had the ocean to ourselves. Bring plenty of weight because you usually don't go deeper than 30', with most of the dive about 20'. Saw 2 otters and a few harbor seals from above the water, but no one wanted to play today. Healthy kelp and lots of crabs, starfish and snails if your patient. Because it's so shallow, you can finish you day with an 80 minute dive and walk 60' to your car. They have a warm water shower. Good to clean your gear. Fun dive.
05/01/2009        3.28      Monastery Beach North California North, USA West
I've turned away from this site because of the surf. Today it was glass. 60' vis and no current. Perfect conditions. Thousands of juvenile schooling fish. Got a quick glimpse of a seal, but she didn't want to play today. Good kelp growth and star fish everywhere. Water got pretty cold around 50'. Gets colder as you approach the trench. We turned back at about75', as our hands were freezing. All in all, a prefect day for this dive.
05/01/2009        3.63      McAbee Beach California North, USA West
Great beginner dive. Easy sand walk in and out. Today there was no current and no surf. It's usually better here when it's up than in other areas, although the vis was going from 20' to 30'. Often the harbor seals come and play with you at this site and because you're in the middle of town you're often the sight for passerby's. Shallow dive so watch you weight. Fun dive for the 2nd or 3rd.

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