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10/26/2003        4.57      Ahihi Bay Maui, Hawaiian Islands
10/21/03-0745-Limited parking, get there early. Entered at Ahihi Cove as we didn't want to take the long hike from Ahihi Bay parking area. Easy sandy, pebble entry. Exited bay to the south and dropped required dive flag in 17' FSW. Followed the reef's edge south and saw many turtle cleaning stations. The coral looked like a scene from "Land of the Gnomes". Huge toadstool shaped coral heads held tons of creatures and we really liked this site. We found many gigantic Yellow Margin Moray eels and large parrotfish. On the return we found a live Triton Trumpet Shell moving along a sandbar. No facilities so take drinking water and fresh water to rinse with. We took 2 tanks and were glad we had our beach chairs to hang out in during the surface interval. Tank rental from Maui Dive Shop.
10/26/2003        4.06      Ahihi Cove Maui, Hawaiian Islands
10/21/03-1100-Easy sandy, pebble entry. Headed north out of cove and dropped required dive flag in 17' FSW. Followed coastline north but not much happening and vis only about 40'. Turned west until we hit the sand but still didn't find a whole lot. Definitely preferred first dive to the south better. Back near buoy, we did get to see an octopus. No facilities so bring drinking water and fresh water to rinse with. A nice safe place for a 2 tank dive.
10/26/2003        3.07      La Perouse Maui, Hawaiian Islands
10/20/03-0830-At the end of the road, turn towards ocean to park close to entry point. Slippery lava entry near fence posts. Found Stout Moray (light phase) as soon as we put our masks on. Followed coastline on the right side of bay. 20' vis at first cove; 40' vis at 2nd cove and vis improved to 60' at 3rd cove. Dropped required dive flag here in 20' FSW. Fantastic coral formations, huge moray eels, Potter's Angelfish. Got a good laugh when the Hawaiian Cleaner Wrasse cleaned Dan's fin:) No facilities so take drinking water and fresh water to rinse with. Good entry for kayak diving (they rent them there too.)
10/26/2003        4.44      Makena Landing Maui, Hawaiian Islands
10/17/03-0830-EZ entry from sandy beach. Snorkeled along right side of bay and anchored required dive flag in sand. Before decent, orient yourself to silver ladder on rocks as that is where the first cave is. A few fish in first cave. Followed coastline north to find 2nd cave. One White-tip Reef Shark resting there. Continued north to find 3rd cave called Bubble Cave. Large archways leading to lava shoreline. We had calm conditions so we went thru and watched large Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles feeding. Also saw Spanish Dancer's egg display. Enormous moray on return. Fresh water shower and restrooms available. Good entry for kayak divers.
10/26/2003        4.44      Wailea Beach Maui, Hawaiian Islands
10/19/03-0830-Long walk (300 yards) down to beach. Had to dodge the morning joggers. Sandy beach entry. Snorkeled out approximately 100 yards to anchor required dive flag in the sand. Treated to a Devil Scorpion Fish on the move so the brightly colored fins easy to see. Followed coast south with little fish life but amazing corals. Wouldn't suggest going south unless you want to stay real shallow. Reached sandbar and turned back north. Found large Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle sleeping and a large White-Mouthed Moray right next to him. Small octopus played hide & seek with us. Back near buoy, turned west and fish & coral improved greatly. Found juv. Rockmover (Dragon Wrasse) bouncing along the sand along with many tiny peacock flounders. Not many landmarks so navigation is necessary.
07/22/2003        3.96      Puako Village End The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
Great shore dive with ez entry (a little slippery at low tide.) Use your snorkel to fin out/back. We stayed shallow for 1:29 and had a blast! Saw the biggest Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles we have ever seen in the 50th State. Several species of moray, wide variety of fish including dragon wrasse moving baseball-sized rocks. Lots of little open caves and swim-thrus. Good when there is a South swell (surf) although the vis was only about 50' because of the swell. FSW 79*

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