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07/18/2004        2.89      Andrea I Bonaire North, ABC Islands
Asphalt road is cut, detour via dirt/rock road. Road down to beach is in very bad condition - 10-12" holes down the slope. We were unsure of abilities of the truck/driver and loaded-down divers on this slope. Did not dive this site.
07/18/2004        3.26      Tori's Reef Bonaire South, ABC Islands
Our first shore dive not using a boat dock. Entry was not as bad as it looked. We swim slowly and saw so many critters that we never made it to the reef drop-off. Had a great time getting photos of squid.
07/18/2004        3.46      Andrea II Bonaire North, ABC Islands
Brand new road for fancy houses made this drive easy. Cannot drive onto beach. Easy entry, just watch for the first step - it's slippery. Lots of critters in the reef. Good photo opportunities.
07/18/2004        3.23      Salt Pier Bonaire South, ABC Islands
Dusk to night dive. This dive would have been more interesting in mid afternoon to see the odd angles of the pier in the daylight. Still saw lots of eels, squid, lizardfish. Ending the dive, I looked up and the stars in the night sky were dazzling.
07/18/2004        3.98      Town Pier Bonaire North, ABC Islands
New international port security rules - if no ship in port, must register with harbor master (he watches the groups) and dive with a dive master. One dive master with maximum of 4 divers - 3 dive master groups max. Great critters, as always. 3 frogfish, 3 seahorses, tons of eels, 1 turtle, forests of orange cup coral and sponges.

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