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12/29/2001        3.28      Pukano Point Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
This site is the last site on Farrington Hwy. A long way down. It's an easy, sandy shore but drops off quick do to the waves breaking on the shore during winter months. The dive is shallow but with some beautiful lava and rock formations to swim and peer into. I enjoy this dive. However, on my last dive at this site, I placed my dive flag just to the left of the underwater lava rock you can see in the aerial and went diving around the rocks and when I came back, my dive flag was gone. Theft is a big issue on the west side of the island. When you park your car on any of the west side dive sites be sure to bring as little with you as possible and only a drivers license. I assume it was a nearby snorkeler however it might have unhitched from underneath and floated out to sea so far I couldn't see it during my 45 min. dive with no current. So just be careful.
07/26/2001        3.06      Makaha Beach Park (Caverns) Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
This site, is best done by boat. However, it can be done by shore. Just be prepared for a long surface swim. I enjoy it time and again. best done during summer months.
07/26/2001        2.88      Magic Island Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
Parking is a very long distance to the entrance. You can head out to sea two different ways. 1. you can head to the left in the only sandy patch near the boat channel like the aerial picture shows. or 2. you can gear up in the pool at the end of the island and kick through the openings in the jetty. A much funner way however. do not attempt to do it during high surf. The surge through those openings are way to strong to kick through when the water is rushing through it…
07/26/2001        3.02      Halona Blow Hole Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
When the surf is high on the north shore. This is usually a good place to go. Not for beginner divers. Waves and current rush into that little cove from two different angles and make it very impossible to get back in without hitting the rocks if there is any surf at all. Dive only in ideal conditions. The step, rocky, and loose trial down to the beach can be hazardous with gear on. Be careful and dive with someone who knows the area for your first time. When you make it out the little cove, you want to dive along the step mountain on the right. and head towards the Hanama bay. Or dive to the left via the aerial picture. Be careful…
07/26/2001        3.62      Hanauma Bay Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
This is a tourist destination. A must go for snorkeling. The down sides are. You must pay to park. You must pay to enter the beach. Its a very steep and long walk down to the beach. You can take a trolley but they charge you for that also and they charge you even more if you have scuba gear. Very big crowds. It's a very fun place to take visitors but it's to much trouble and work to go diving..
07/26/2001        3.92      Hale'iwa Ali'i Beach Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
My favorite shore dive on the island. You can actually dive two walls here. Both walls are parallel to the shore. surface swim out heading 300 degrees from the beach and you will run into a drop off to about 90 ft. If you keep heading out, you will hit another wall. The locals call this site "THE TRENCH". You should actually dive to the left of this aerial picture. Abundant turtle life. Some as big as small cars. Excellent night dive.
07/26/2001        3.44      Hale'iwa Beach Park Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
This dive, I consider a wall dive. However, it's a good swim. the picture is a little deceiving. Be prepared to have a long surface swim to reach the wall. Very easy entry/exit. Must remember. diving on the North Shore of Oahu never has a lot of plant life do to the high surf here during the winter months. We do have lots and lots of turtles.
07/26/2001        3.11      Three Tables Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
Diving inside the table is very shallow. You must dive beyond the tables. Very easy sandy shore dive. Always go through the table on the far left. No facilities. The nearest is sharks cove. easy night dive.
07/26/2001        2.74      Shark's Cove Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
A very fun dive. I enjoy doing it, time and time again. for the cavern and cave divers, it's a fun place to explore. Lots of both. Must be very careful of the waves. Do not dive during any surf conditions. Waves make it very difficult for entry and exit. Mostly lava bottom.
07/26/2001        3.08      Turtle Bay Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
The thing that I do not like, is that you have to pay to park in there parking lot. Big crowds. Everyone comes to you and asks you questions. I would prefer to dive here at night just for those reasons...

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