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09/17/2012        4.56      The Invisibles Bonaire South, ABC Islands
This site was beautiful! Easy entry, out to the reef. Saw many bigger animals. On the way in I came across a field of Garden Eels. I love Garden Eels. I spent 15 minutes videoing the eels. Great dive, I will most surely dive this site again! Highly Recommended.
09/17/2012        3.69      Nukove Bonaire North, ABC Islands
We have been to Bonaire before but wanted to dive Nukove this time. It was about a hour and a half drive from our Condo. The road was rough in spots. If you are in a Car, or have not driven on rough roads don't do it. Also have the extra insurance on the vehicle. In many places the overgrowth will scratch the car. Once there, the entry was intermediate. The coral is a bit jagged in spots. The rocks and coral in the entry were very slippery. Once in, there are a couple of ways out over the reef table. Out through the sandy shelf and to the reef, it was great. It was nice diving in a spot that is not overdove. Being a Bonaire reef of course it was great. I did see the largest Parrot Fish that I have ever seen. I recommend it if you have never done it. Bring lots of water and snacks as the only service is a trash can. We also dive 63cu tanks for shore dives for less weight. All in all, I can now say I dove it and it was a decent dive.

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