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09/03/2010        3.67      Meek's Bay, Tahoe California North, USA West
Meeks Bay (I think) is the second best dive site in Tahoe. Great vis, great beach, great facilities, great campground. This site is interesting in shallow or deep water. Huge schools of minnows, lots of crawdad and rocky reefs.
04/19/2010        4.05      Caspar Bay California North, USA West
I have a love hate relationship with this site. I have seen vis. at 1' (or less) and vis. at 25'. Dive here on a good day and it's BEAUTIFUL! Be ready to swim your ass off!!! This site is shallow, about 30+', near the mouth of cove. The south side of the cove is very interesting. Sandy bottom with huge rock formations, some jetting straight up to the surface. Lots of fish, abalone, huge sea urchins, star fish, anemones, kelp, ladies underwear (I didn't put'em there). Great beach too!
04/16/2010        3.13      Bonneville Sea Base Utah, USA West
Fortunately, I've only had one opportunity to dive this location. This site is as 'fine' as the state of UT.... A HELL HOLE!!! Before I entered the water, one of the employees informed me the vis. was in the 10' range. I dove in and could barely see my hand. However, it is pretty cool to dive with sharks in the middle of the desert. The best part about this dive was watching the feeding of the sharks and pelagics from the surface. (Note: UT doesn't sell beer on Sunday...Something is wrong here!)
04/12/2010        3.39      Lovers Point California North, USA West
This site is not one of the best in Monterey. Not a lot of life (other than kelp, lots of kelp). Pros - the vis. tends to be a little better than other northern Monterey sites. If you go here with non divers there is a lot to do top-side while you go diving. Dive here if you want to see harbor seals...damn harbor seals!
04/11/2010        4.63      Breakwater Cove California North, USA West
One of my favorite dive sites in Monterey. Don't dive here during the weekend, too many idiots kicking up sand! I see more animals/fish at this site than any other dive site in Monterey. I recommend starting the dive at the middle Reef (center cove, kelp bed). Cruising over the sand flat (towards the wall) and diving along the wall, back to the beach. Vis. Averages 15', I have seen vis. At 45'. Yeah!!!
04/05/2010        4.45      Monastery Beach North California North, USA West
My favorite ocean dive site in Northern California I have never seen vis less than 25', even in rough water. This site is full of color. White sand, blue water, green kelp, invertebrates, color is everywhere.

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