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06/23/2015        4.00      Puako Village End The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
We dove road's end 5 times over the course of 2 weeks. Great diving, fish, turtles, white tips in the open. Head to the white buoy at about 2-oclock from the entry for lava tube and arch playground. Again, don't dive this site if water is breaking over the rocks at entry. Hit the Puako general store on the way out for great refreshments, food and hospitality.
06/03/2013        3.60      Puako Church The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
We dove this site a couple of days ago and it was fantastic. A very diverse coral look than many other places on the island and big fish. We saw schools of tangs and butterfly fish of all kinds. This place has Moray Eels, everywhere, of every type. Due to the shallow entry, we found it easiest to assemble our equipment, inflate our bcd's and float them to about 4 feet of water where we put them on. This was a good idea too because it allowed us to watch for turtles as they are everywhere all over this site. If the waves pick up, then you may want to avoid this site as it may be difficult to see the exit point. A fantastic dive!!!
06/03/2013        3.71      Puako Village End The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
We recently concluded our dives a Pauko and they were great as usual. Many fish and turtles. We did 4 dives here over the course of 2 weeks and were rewarded with great pictures and video. Our last dive we saw a 5 foot white tip shark swimming out in the open on the reef. We brought some family one day to snorkel, and they loved it. Super easy entry and much to see in the shallows, including many turtles. Do your dive in the morning between 7am-11am before the wind kicks up in the afternoon. If the waves are breaking over the rocks then abandon the dive. One of our favorite sites.
06/03/2013        3.75      Alua Beach The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
Our group read about this site and over the course of the last 2 weeks we dove this site 5 times. The walk is the big concern on this dive. About 150 yards over lava rock. We found it easiest to totally equip ourselves where we parked, and then made the long trek in full scuba, holding our masks and fins. Once we exited the dive, we walked immediately to the car from the beach. We also did the dive taking 2 to 3 trips back and forth to the car, but that seemed more wearing at the end of the day. Swim out of the little bay and swim left. Take an azimuth at the green buoy and descend. Follow the reef south to about 90 feet. The animals are huge. Many ocean going fish, We had the dolphins dive with us on one occasion, and saw numerous spotted eagle rays every dive some in groups of 3 or more. The reef is totally alive, and you will hear the dolphins the entire dive as they rest in the bay there. Watch for boat traffic. Basic divers might want to stay to the south reef in about 50 feet of water. Eels, octopus, and the best chance for a Tiger Shark encounter (but we never saw one). Probably our favorite dive site of the trip. The beach is a great place to hang out if you want to do multiple dives or to relax before the trek back (bring water to drink). Many people and dogs show up (as there is no leash law there) in the later morning (10-ish). Everyone was super friendly.
08/16/2011        4.18      Puako Village End The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
My father, wife, and myself dove this site in May of 2011. We were told by a local dive shop in Wiakaloa that if the wind and surf pick up and the water is breaking over the entry point, don't dive the site. It was a bit windy and a little choppy, however the dive was excellent. Turtles, fish of all kinds, and lava tubes. This site was beaming with yellow tangs, butterfly fish, and eels. When we exited the water, the wind had picked up and waves were breaking over the entry/exit point which made for a very risky and very tough exit. We dove the site at around 12 noon that day, when the island winds generally pick up. We went back two days later and dove it at about 8am and the entry and exit were as simple as could be. One of our favorite dives sites!

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