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06/09/2008        3.31      Papawai Point Maui, Hawaiian Islands
This spot was about 5 minutes from my old job so it became my after-work stress reliever. Mr. Stohler's review on the entry with higher surf is spot on as if there is a 'South Swell' being broadcast then you will either have a rough entry, or the vis will be junk. For some reason though, I always see the divers going in from the far left side as opposed to the far right (as you walk down the trail). The left side is almost always exposed to the occasional bigger waves that roll through, bigger even when it seems there is no surf. The right side entry is actually in a semi-protected cove. I can sit on the rocks, at the water's edge, and put on my fins about 90% of the time. The exit (same way) is almost always just a matter of swimming up, taking off fins, and walking up a gradual slope. BUT… get to the far right is best with 2 divers as there is a small rock step you have to go down (about 3-4'). It's best if you go down, then have your partner hand you the dive gear. Once you go down this rock step though, you have a nice big flat 'platform' of rock if you will that allows you to suit up. As mentioned, it drops off fairly fast. The close-in reef has a lot of wana (urchins) so be careful. A lot of good fish here when the moon is good and A LOT of fishing line so make sure you have a knife or two. I did recently get the state record slipper lobster here, as well.
12/16/2006        3.13      Honolua Bay Maui, Hawaiian Islands
We just dove this recently. The winter swells have been wrapping around here, and we went one day to find it flat. Two days later we found head-high surf rolling in with an Oahu-inspired North Shore surf line-up. We usually go in on the pineapple road just past the bay to avoid the taxing of tourists. Speaking of the taxing, aka the 'Demand for Donation', MPD has been doing stings and have actually arrested several of the family members due to their harassment/threats. Since then, Maui Land and Pine have filed lawsuits to seek full rights to the land as they say they have the title. The road to the bay has been locked so you are forced to park along the roads which is another reason to use the pineapple field access. The only tricky part is the trail, but if people can do it with surf boards under one arm, it really isn't that bad. We usually snorkel, though, so we obviously have less gear.
08/10/2005        3.01      Makena Landing Maui, Hawaiian Islands
Just dove this the other day. It is the main kayak launching area and the kayaks will tie up the beaches, so just go around them. Definitely need your float here. We went out and hit both the left and right side. Not much marine life this time due to the 'oli' moon phase. Once the dive boats showed up, the site was way too crowded with beginner divers so we called it early. Perhaps it would be better at another time, but I really wasn't all too impressed.
10/06/2004        3.66      Black Rock (Sheraton) Maui, Hawaiian Islands
No matter how many times I dive this area, I love it. I consider it one of the best sites on Maui. The mornings are the best. Most snorkelers stay within the front area (near the hotel), but I suggest you swim around, away from everyone. the marine life on the backside is incredible and you will pretty much have it all to yourself. The further up the beach you swim may start getting a little murky due to a fresh water run-off there, but it is well worth it. I take ALL visiting family here as it is that good.
10/06/2004        2.93      Black Sand Beach Maui, Hawaiian Islands
Dove Black Sand beach the other day with visiting family members. If you get here early in the morning, the conditions are usually good. However, once 10am comes, vis will drop and the waves will start picking up. Diving to the right (towards Maluaka) is great with lots of structure and fish. The middle area is somewhat sparse. The area to the left can be snorkeled all the way around to Pu'u Olai, but only if the current is weak. Great fish, turtles, and even Pelagic fish come in on this side. There have been a few Tiger Shark sightings in the area, so use caution and don't dive it on murky days.
06/25/2004        3.56      Kapalua Bay Maui, Hawaiian Islands
Was here the other day and visibility started good. We headed here because the other beaches were getting hit pretty hard by swells. Perfect for my wife and daughter. I free dove which is my diving choice/preference. Reef fish are abundant and stay fairly shallow <15 feet. Once you get outside the cove, where the deeper 40 foot water is, there really isn't much more to see. Great facilities, great location. Easy entry/exit but there can be crowds.
06/25/2004        2.96      Pu'u Olai Beach Maui, Hawaiian Islands
Right now, the south swell is wreaking havoc on this area, but we went out anyway. This is area is known as both "Big Beach" (large open area to the right of the aerial photo) and "Little Beach" (the secluded cove in the middle of the aerial). But, the locals call it "Breakneck Beach" because the shore pounding waves are used by Maui's top skim boarders. Keep this in mind and time your entry/exit precisely. ***Word of warning to families*** The area known as "Little Beach" is Maui's NUDE beach. Due to its remote location the nudity laws are not enforced so keep this in mind so your little ones don't get an eyeful. The reef out to the left is great with a lot of fish and turtles. A lot of spear fishing here as the open currents bring in Ulua, Ono, and the occasional Tuna. Best in the morning as this area ALWAYS gets blown out with big waves by noon. Night diving is alright but it depends on the swell patterns.

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