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04/23/2009        3.96      The Prince Albert Honduras, Roatan, Caribbean
We stayed in Fantasy Island from 04.30. to 05.06 and did 5 dives on this site, which is also often called 'Gazebo'. The entrance is easy and you can't miss the wreck if you start from gazebo and follow the cord. Or you can swim on surface to the red buoy and go down once you reach it. The night dive we did was a disappointment cause the water was too murky. We then changed our tactics and started diving very early in the morning, starting at 5:30 to 5:45 am. In the morning the visibility was excellent. The wreck itself is not too interesting, though you may see some silversides nearby and, of course, the residential black grouper who owns the place. So do not stay there for too long. Do not go to the airplane wreck cause there is almost nothing left of it. Instead, from the PA wreck go across the sandy bottom toward the Coco Island, and very soon you will hit the coral wall which is very much worth exploring. On its left, the waters are shallow, and there are some isolated coral reefs there with angelfish, filefish etc. Go right along the wall, and you may encounter some huge crabs in caves there. Overall, highly recommended, especially if you start early. Daytime can be crowded, and in the evening water can be messed up. Oh, and watching the sunrise is another bonus of early morning dive.
01/10/2008        3.49      Bari Reef Bonaire North, ABC Islands
December 2007 was our 2nd trip to Bonaire (our 1st was in July 2005), and, since we dove with Sand $, we obviously dived Bari Reef numerous times. This time we did 2 daytime dives, one to the north and one to the south of the pier, and one night dive to the north. Though the fish are very abundant, the reef is deteriorating, especially to the south of the pier. There were some tires and other junk, to make things worse. Resident tarpons were the biggest attraction on this site, especially at night. On the night dives I saw couple of good size crabs, but not a single lobster. If you prefer corals in better shape, dive at the Cliff which is just half a mile to the north.
01/02/2008        4.44      Nukove Bonaire North, ABC Islands
We dived there in December 07. It took us about an hour to get there from Sand $, and you need a 4WD to do that. The sea was calm and the dive was very interesting. The coral formations were the largest we saw on Bonaire, and sea life very diverse and abundant. After this dive we followed the road until the end and dived there (I could not figure out the name of the site; it is a small plaza with couple of shacks and there is a salina with flamingo right there) which also was an awesome dive. Highly recommended.
09/28/2006        4.01      Puako Village End The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
This was the most enjoyable site on Big Island that we tried, so we did this one twice. Enter through the lava "bath tub" just left of the last tree in the start of the parking lot. Swim on the surface for maybe 25-30 meters, than watch for a barrier which is very close to surface. Once you crossed it, dive. Very interesting lava/coral formations (pinnacles, tunnels, caves, walls) and plentiful wildlife. That was the only place we saw an octopus and a male Hawaiian puffer with purple/orange sides. Large schools of tangs etc. Highly recommended!
09/28/2006        3.22      Place of Refuge The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
This is a very good site, but kinda crowded with snorkelers. We did our 1st dive at 8am, and soon the surface was just packed with them. Not too many divers, though. Saw turtles, eagle ray and plenty of other stuff. Getting in and out of the water may be tricky.
09/28/2006        3.61      Puako Church The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
Puako was our best site on Big Island. Entrance was not a problem, just try to swim as soon as you can. My advice, hang something bright, like a T-shirt, on one of the dry trees by the entrance, so you will know where to come back. Puako area is interesting not only for rich wildlife, but also for very interesting lava and coral formations. Though we found the other site in Puako, Village End, better than this one, it is still an awesome dive.
09/28/2006        2.19      Pahoehoe Beach Park The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
Don't waste your time on this one. We entered from the North end of the park, North of the Magic Sands resort, not from the sandy beach South of resort. Not much of the wildlife, though the reef looked good. The visibility was not the best on Hawaii. I also did snorkeling from South of the resort and some night snorkeling in hope to see some lobsters, but saw none. Go to the Place of Refuge or to Puako.

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