Port Marie

Curacao, ABC Islands
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Snorkeling and Scuba Diving at Port Marie

Porto Marie is another expansive beach perfect for relaxing, swimming, or diving. There is a small entry fee, but the money is well spent, maintaining the beach to five-star standards. Northwest of Willemstad, travel 7.3 km West on Weg Naar Westpunt from the Weg Naar Hato intersection. Turn left to head to St. Willibrordus and St. Marie. Travel 4.7 km to reach the intersection shown on the Saint Marie dive site. Follow the instructions from there.
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Cheddar Chicklet
Cheddar Chicklet
Feb 17, 2006, 12:00 AM
Great shore dive here. This area has a small fee for entry, a onsite dive shop & restaurant. The inner reef is close and a sandy bottom separates it from the deeper outer reef. I followed a turtle here at about 60'. Tried to take pix with the cheap 35mm underwater camera. Shoot...too much pressure at 60'. Placed hand under turtle swimming along with me and raised him up to where the camera would work. He never panicked, or seemed out of sorts, just looked at me and seemed to go along for the ride. Got 1 good picture, then he looked at me and went back down to graze. This is why I scuba...The interaction with the dream world of the ocean is something I will remember forever.