Superior Producer

Curacao, ABC Islands
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Snorkeling and Scuba Diving at Superior Producer

The wreck of the Superior Producer has been gathering coral since 1977, in about 25-35 meters (80-110 feet) of depth. It's a worthwhile and relatively easy wreck dive, when the conditions are right. Found on the coastal highway of Pater Euwensweg in Otrobanda, just 1.1 km West of the inlet to the harbor area of Willemstad.
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Cheddar Chicklet
Cheddar Chicklet
Feb 19, 2006, 12:00 AM
I have to tell you up front, I am not sure this spot is worth the effort it takes to get to it from shore. A looong swim in heavy surf the day we went made it very tiring. After arriving we dropped down to the wreck and got oriented with the group. I was disappointed by the lack of animal life and the boat is not very coral covered. I did hear it is a great night dive when the coral blooms, but I wouldn't waste my time. We swam through the boat and around the outside and were heading back with only 20 minutes of dive time before we were at the 1/2 air mark. A total of 32 minutes for the dive. And while we were gone, someone broke into the truck and stole a ton of stuff. Must had had a jimmy bar because they locked it back up for us after they stole the equipment. Didn't want anyone else in on the remnants I guess. There are many other spots to see & dive in Curacao, I wouldn't go back.