Barracuda Point

Canarian Islands, Europe
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Max Depth
40ft (unconfirmed)

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving at Barracuda Point

Boat or Shore Dive 20m to 32m -- Between the Old Town Harbour and the jetty at Playa Barrilla, this site is reached either by boat or by a (longish) surface swim from the jetty. The Hole, true to its name, is a wide hole dropping down from the sand at about 20m, and was formed from a bubble in the lava flow. It passes through the reef and exits on the wall at about 26 metres. There are small caves, nooks and crannies where fish shelter and there are often Rays at the bottom left. The dive starts at a mooring buoy, and after passing through the Hole the dive continues along the wall to the right passing a small cave with prawns and tube worms. There is a pinnacle in deeper water off to the left where Barracuda cruise, and then, to the right, a larger cave which often shelters Groupers. At the top of the wall are Moray Eels and a small growth of Red Tree Coral. The dive ends in shallower water where there are Garden Eels, Mullet and Barracuda. Barracuda Point is in the same area but, by omitting the Hole, is a shallower dive. There are Blue Fin Damselfish, Turkish Wrasse and the occasional sleeping Angel Shark. LANZAROTE, situated approximately 95kms off the west coast of North Africa, is a volcanic island rising out of the deep Atlantic Ocean. It is the most northerly of the 7 Canary Islands and is on the same latitude as Florida and the Red Sea. Lanzarote benefits from a sub-tropical climate with more days of sunshine and fewer days of rain than the other Canary Islands.
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