Canarian Islands, Europe
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Snorkeling and Scuba Diving at Mala

Shore Dive 8m to 25m -- Mala is a small resort in the north east of Lanzarote. It is a fair way from anywhere else and attracts a number of naturists. There is an almost circular rocky cove which provides the swimming area and the entry and exit point for diving. To reach the cove involves a walk along, and then down the cliff on a rocky path where entry and exit to the water is by a ladder. This is not always possible so we will not undertake the journey to Mala when the winds are from the east or south and there is a swell running. When conditions are good this is a pleasant dive over sand and rock. There are a number of rocky outcrops and an area with caves which can be entered. These are a photographer's delight. Shoals of fish swim around the rocks and Angel Sharks, Rays and Groupers are common. Two dives are possible here, one to the left and the other to the right, so a two dive day is possible at Mala. LANZAROTE, situated approximately 95kms off the west coast of North Africa, is a volcanic island rising out of the deep Atlantic Ocean. It is the most northerly of the 7 Canary Islands and is on the same latitude as Florida and the Red Sea. Lanzarote benefits from a sub-tropical climate with more days of sunshine and fewer days of rain than the other Canary Islands
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