South Crescent Bay

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About South Crescent Bay Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

South Crescent Bay offers a protected cove area worthy of two tanks! Rocky points, canyons, and reefs make this an ideal habitat for the area's marine life. Make a left on Cliff about 1 mile North of Broadway and Pacific Coast Highway in Laguna. You'll see the sign below.
David S
David S
Apr 22, 2012, 12:00 AM
I've been here three times with a total of 7 dives. Very easy to access and, for SoCal OC beach areas, this is probably the best. Been to Shaw's 5 times and this site is pretty large for exploring. It has some neat rock formations and crevasses to pass through. Some of the life we saw were Sea lions (17 at one time!), a horn shark, a 4ft moray eel, lobster, large crabs, and the common temperate fish like garibaldi, senoritas, opal eye, blacksmith, painted greenlings, and kelp bass. Really a fun site for beginners or intermediate divers as it's more difficult to get into trouble. Best of conditions were visibility at 25-30ft. Worst vis was 3-15ft with heavy surge and surf. If you drop on the sand and the vis is poor, head for seal rock or the area in between the shore and seal rock. It's a little more protected from the silty surge if present, and will make your trip not such of a waste. Average depth is 30 feet around seal rock. Http://
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