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09/07/2009        3.46      Destin Jetties Florida, USA East
Entry is very easy. High tide is the best time to go because the ocean water is going into the bay, so the water is clear. At low tide, the water from the bay goes into the ocean, which is blurry and murky. Last time I went snorkeling and fishing at the jetties (going again today), we saw many 'tropical fish' like cocoa damselfish, beaugregory damselfish, slippery dick wrasse, yellow tangs, some weird grey tangs, lots of crabs, a gulf toadfish, and even a clownfish. We caught many slippery dick wrasse and beaugregory damselfish on hook and line. We also caught and saw horse-head jacks, ladyfish, common pinfish, spot-tail pinfish, grey snapper, and pigfish. The worst thing that happened, other than low tide, was when my friend got his hook stuck to a rock 10 feet deep in the water. We both got into the water but (of course) I was the one that actually swam down and got the hook untangled while he just watched me from the surface. Right after I got the hook untied, I saw him screaming at my. I looked up and just a couple feet away was a 7 foot bull shark.

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