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Devil's Den on 11/13/2005
Nov 13, 2005, 12:00 AM
As a previous reviewer stated, repeat trips will be at a minimum or not even necessary. You have to go down a flight of stairs into a cavern to get to the spring. It is a very cool site. There is an opening in the cavern ceiling with plants and vines hanging down into the cavern. The water temp was reading 71 degrees F on my computer. I'm used to warm Caribbean water, but I survived with a full 3MM suit and a 3MM hood. I did get cold after being down for about 45 minutes (second dive of the day, first being Blue Grotto). There are some sizable catfish in the cavern, and food can be bought to feed them if you want. It's a relatively easy dive with a few swimthroughs. Visibility was good, but not "gin clear" due to the number of divers and OW students. Worth a trip for something different.