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Halona Blow Hole on 1/20/2014
Dai Mar
Dai Mar
Jan 20, 2014, 12:00 AM
Waimea Bay had 25' waves but as we passed the blowhole it was flat calm, no wind, no waves. So we ran and got some tanks the next morning and had a wonderful, easy dive here. The walk down is a bit tricky with big tanks so go slow. The beach entry was very easy and we made sure to go at low tide so the current was slack. We saw a couple turtles near the entry/exit, and some nudibranchs under one of the rock formations about 40' down. Our big finds were two frogfish, one black and one small yellow. Both were off to the right between 30-40ft. Find out more and see pictures from my Halona Blowhole dive on my photo blog: www.daimarsadventures.blogspot.com