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Dan Bermingham
Dan Bermingham
Jan 21, 2006, 12:00 AM
Point Lobos is arguably one of the nicest dives in California, if not the US. I'd say roughly half of my dives there had a sea lion or harbor seal "buddy," often nipping at your fin or zooming around you. Just keep your eyes open and you'll often spot them at the edge of visibility. Bluefish cove (the next cove over) often has even better visibility and a cool little swim-through near Guillemot Rock. Some spots further out have plenty of hydrocoral and encrusting sponges. Fabulous. Pros: Great vis, great amount of sea life, easy entry on the boat ramp. Only 15 teams of divers allowed. Plenty of hiking trails and photo spots if the surf is too big to dive. Cons: Reservations are required and fill up fast for weekends. Some of the best dive spots are LONG surface swims (or bring an inflatable, kayak, or set of doubles and a scooter). Watch your step on the boat ramp though, as it does get algae growth that makes it slippery.