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Edmonds Oil Dock on 5/7/2009
Dan Hopskins
Dan Hopskins
May 7, 2009, 12:00 AM
I dove this site after they took out the pier. This was my favorite site to dive. The amount of sea life that found its home on the pilings and the bottom always amazed me. The current and long surface swim made it that much more special because you couldn't dive it anytime and not a lot of people were willing to work that hard. The underwater scene now is like a clear cut forest. They've left a few of the creosote pilings sticking up about 2 feet with bags wrapped around them to keep the chemicals in I guess. The metal pilings were chopped off at the sand level and since they're hollow you can stick your light in and try to see the bottom but I couldn't. There is still some life on the north and south small rocky reefs. Plumose anemone starts and small fish are still around. I didn't see the usual cabezon. I don't think it's worth the swim now but if it's nostalgia you're looking for, dive it at least one more time.