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Epcot Dive Quest on 4/27/2005
Apr 27, 2005, 12:00 AM
Yet another positive Dive Quest review, with caveats. Let me first say that my wife and I enjoyed the dive and would do it again. That being said, nothing is perfect. This was the perfect setting for us as we hadn't dived in many years. I assumed that since it was Disney, it would be as safe as it could be, which was the truth. Facilities are nice. So, here are my caveats. I am actually on the fence for the most part as most of these things might seem a bit picky, but they did cross my mind… <br>1: Visibility is 203 feet. Great, but all that means is that you can see that you are in a tank. 2: Interaction with "guests" is encouraged. This is fine, but after a while I just didn't want to do it anymore. It's not my thing. 3: Twenty-five foot depth. Great as you don't have to do dive profiles, etc., but I found myself clearing constantly as I went up and down (there are some walkways that you have to swim up over). 4: Sharks were sick so they couldn't come out due to being treated for parasites - obviously not Epcot's fault and is understandable. 5: No real plants, no sun - it is like a dusk dive. 6: Lastly, they clap and "announce" you as you walk through to get ready. eh. Not my thing. <br> Given all of this, though, it was a great time and we would definitely do it again. Agree with another reviewer that the video is mainly an ad with your dive party in it for a few seconds. One big bit of praise is the quantity of species you get to hang out with. Very Cool. Lastly, we couldn't find my wife's dive card anyplace. They allowed PADI to fax a letter of certification. Also Very Cool.