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Salt Water State Park on 9/29/2007
Dave Washburn
Dave Washburn
Sep 29, 2007, 12:00 AM
The first time we went here it was very nice. The walk/swim to the barge was long but not arduous, and we found lots of cool critters on and around the barge (which is more like a pile of sand with pieces of junk sticking up here and there). Lots of rockfish, nudibranchs, even a nice kelp greenling. Our second try was a disaster because we got there late and the current had picked up. We never got to a descent point because we couldn't make any headway and got tired enough that it was dangerous. We gave it up and went to Redondo instead. Use the Narrows current predictions to get a general idea when slack is and time it as best you can, because the barge is a long way out there and you don't want to be in a strong current on your way to or from it.