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Kelvin Grove on 5/24/2015
David Irwin
David Irwin
May 24, 2015, 12:00 AM
The 'no diving groups...' sign is gone. New bathrooms. It's easy to drop off gear at trailhead and park in one of three public parking spaces. I didn't (duh) and got a $35 fine for parking in one of 15 'resident only' spaces even though there were NO other cars. I'm not going to use the term Nazi, cuz I was stupid and broke the rule . At trail bottom a few sturdy stairs to a wooden bench, 6 feet down a slippy patch and climb over a few logs and rocks to an easy gravel entry at water's edge . Swim to your right to end of rocky point, then descend to 80-100 feet, follow wall out and back in around the point at this depth. Lots of fish and invertebrate life on wall, in many deep cracks. Octopus, Red Brotula. At half air retrace at 40-60 feet depth. Maybe best Howe Sound shore dive.