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Koko Kai Park on 4/2/2012
David from Honolulu
David from Honolulu
Apr 2, 2012, 12:00 AM
Entry wasn't bad, but exiting is rough. We actually dove to the East/South to see some of the wall and reef. Not much coral or marine life was around and the current was pushing us around a good bit. Going away from the shoreline a good ways and the shelf drops to ~50ft, but there still isn't much out there. Bottom line - I DO NOT recommend this for anyone that isn't going with someone that knows exactly what they are doing and has experience with the area (that may, potentially, know better spots than what we saw). Currents are strong, exit is scary, and there isn't much to see. Go sit on the rocks some day just to hang out. That's what the spot is good for - not diving.