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Islander on 4/8/2012
Apr 8, 2012, 12:00 AM
The description for the wreck is correct, but the total site is much larger and more diverse. Divers can swim along rock formations next to the shore that drop from 20' to 65' with no current, or the more advanced diver can swim out into the channel and dive shoals within 25' of the surface with walls dropping to 160'. One swim upstream along the shore in a gentle eddy current, then out into channel for a deep drift, then head back to shore following cables on the river bottom that lead back to the Islander shipwreck where one completes the dive with shallow time nosing around the wreck. The wreck and near shore areas are used for new diver open water checkout dives, while channel conditions are suitable for more advanced divers. Visibility along the shore ranges from 30' to 60' feet and increases up to 80' out in the channel. Temps run 40's in April, 50's in May, 56-65F in June, 72F by mid-July through early September, 54F by end of October and 42 by late November. And that's with no thermoclines, same temp top-to-bottom! While-u-wait gas fills can be obtained from Hunt's Dive Shop about 8 miles away and there's a Jrecks Sub just one block away from the dive site. All-in-all a very convenient place for shore diving.