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Point Panic on 9/18/2009
Sep 18, 2009, 12:00 AM
I have dove this site several times. The dive can be not the best, but it depends on what you are looking for or on what else is/isn't diveable the day you dive there. Here are directions. Park in the public parking lot in Kaka'ako Park at the end of Ahui St and next to John Dominis (can be really crowded for parking on Sunday). Walk to the waterfront, turn to the left and past the showers is a stairs that goes down to the ocean. Scope it out before you suit up! You will be diving below the Kewalo Basin channel so a dive flag is a must! Stay low. Boats can see your flag or your bubbles, but don't depend on it. You will hear the boats, but vis may be bad and you may not see the boats. You will not hear their horns, although they may honk at you. With all the SAFETY FIRST done, here's the scoop on the dive. The dive can be a 10 or a 1 depending on your experience or attitude. Expect poor vis, about 20-30 feet has been the best I've had. Make sure you can always see your buddy or at least 1 other person if you are in a group. My preferred route is to go in toward the boat harbor. Travel with the wall on your left, then turn around and travel out the same way or a little more in the channel on the way back. Timing or looking for a flag or popping up when you think you're back can be the end of the dive. If you pop up, make sure you are very close to the wall or above it, listen for boats before coming up. Depth max I've had is like 23 feet. Okay, so why do I like this dive. Funky stuff. Not too exciting, but I've seen some good 'junk' dropped from boats, interesting fish/critters you might not see elsewhere. Last time I dove this I think we saw 6 lionfish and 1 turkeyfish. This dive is good to get wet, if you love to dive. If you need good vis and an easy dive and are an occasional diver, then you should skip this dive. This location can also be used to go out to Kewalo Pipe if you love to surface swim (but watch for the boats) or if you have a scooter. Good location to find and catch fish for your aquarium. Check if it's still legal to take fish from this area and the limits or if you need a permit. Https://dlnr.ehawaii.gov/cmls-public/app/welcome.html