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12/18/2003        2.12      Lake Ouachita Arkansas, USA Mid
About the only shore site on Ouacita is at the dam. However, there is much to see. Once at the bottom of the steps, if you go right, there are underwater stair steps from 30 to 120 feet. At about 60 feet you will begin seeing large trees still standing. If you go left along the rocks of the dam your going to see many types of fish. Perch, catfish, bass, crappie, walleye and occasionally alligator gar. The rocks go down to around 40 feet then turns back to mud bottom. A group from Louisiana recently have sunk many boats, a 4 wheeler and other stuff to see. These are connected with cable so you can pull yourself along to see everything. Diving the dam offers good diving conditions for the novice and experienced. Night diving offers many larger catfish coming up for a quick meal of perch or crawfish. The water temperature in the fall (Sept-Oct) is 75 degrees. Vis is usually very good for a fresh water lake. You can rent a boat at the Lake Ouachita State Park. If you do, e-mail me for some unbelievable dive sites only a few minutes away from the park by boat. I have dove this lake for 12 years. It's the best lake in Arkansas by far. Safety & blue skies…
12/18/2003        2.98      Destin Jetties Florida, USA East
My wife and I dove the Destin jetties for the first time in 2002. One thing you MUST do is to know the tides. Along the jetties you can see Sgt. Majors, Zebra Angels, yellow tangs. I have a picture of my wife next to a 6ft. Stingray buried in the sand. In addition there are lots of huge sand dollars and lots of shells. Lots of stone crabs, skates, flounder. There is a large anchor that came off a barge. Depth is from 20-50 ft. Be prepared for quite a walk to get to the jetty. It is a good 100 yard walk from Gulf Shores Drive to the jetty. Because of the strong outgoing tide, I wouldn't recommend the dive for the inexperienced unless you dive within the limited slack tide. Safety & blue skies…

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